The Hollywood producers belonging to the Illuminati sect wished to shoot a fantastic manufacturing that will discredit the Darwinian principle that people come from apes. (Though from my very own expertise, I dare say that it will not be unusual if there have been some exceptions that got here from the kangaroo.) To this finish they employed the providers of Daniel Morris, an ardent foe of Darwinian principle and of all scientific theories typically. Sadly, Morris handed away throughout filming when he wished to exhibit to a wannabe actress the falsity of the speculation of gravity. Then the course of the film was entrusted to Franklyn Schaffner, who (as revealed in his memoirs) was secretly satisfied that it was the apes that got here from human being and never the opposite approach round. Anyway, the plot is predicated on the concept man and ape not solely are completely different species but additionally differ as to the best style type. Within the movie, civilized apes have advanced from arboreal monkeys. Nonetheless, human beings haven’t modified a bit since their creation; they’re nonetheless simply as silly and preserve sporting the identical haircut. Within the movie, each species confront one another and the apes win the day. People are enslaved, however as within the Outdated Testomony, a ‘Moses’ arises amongst them. (Producers selected Charlton Heston as a result of he had already performed Moses in “The Ten Commandments” the place he had been profitable in bringing the Israelites to the Promised Land.). Properly, the remainder is irrelevant to our goal, which is to disclose “the hidden plot” of this film: particularly, to exhibit the falsity of Darwinian concepts, in addition to the comfort of not trusting monkeys excessively.

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