Cyberpunk 2077: Funniest Characters


  • Cyberpunk 2077
    options a variety of entertaining and hilarious characters that add depth and humor to the sport.

  • NPCs like Ozob Bozo, S.C.S.M Brendan, and Skippy The Gun have distinctive traits and interactions that make them memorable and gratifying to interact with.
  • Characters like Johnny Silverhand, and Jesse Johnson deliver comedic moments and humorous dialogue to the sport, balancing out the darker themes.

With such a various world of sky-high towers and a wasteland of desert and rubbish, it is no marvel Cyberpunk 2077 performs host to a large assortment of colourful characters that may entertain, compel, or frighten gamers. Many of those NPCs are quest-givers or concerned in their very own discoverable tales in Night time Metropolis, while others are merely random encounters that may fill a dark session with humor.

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Among the many characters of Cyberpunk 2077, a handful are so hilarious that their interactions with V, nonetheless temporary are memorable, humorous, or stunning. With out them, CD Projekt Pink’s open-world RPG would nearly definitely be a extra boring affair.

7 Ozob Bozo

ozob bozo in cyberpunk 2077

At first look, Ozob Bozo’s humor might sound to succeed in solely so far as his distinctive nostril, however questing with the character reveals an inclination for absurd violence that surpasses the comparatively easy request he initially provides you.

A cease for takeout shortly turns into an explosive assault on the Tyger Claws, hilariously summarizing the character’s penchant for unpredictable violence. His character profile particulars the satisfaction he has in his live-grenade nostril, and although it won’t be for each V, its standing as an unlockable reward signifies that even after the disturbing mission, gamers can channel slightly little bit of Bozo wherever they go.

6 S.C.S.M Brendan

brendan SCSM in cyberpunk 2077

Not fairly an individual, ‘Brendan’ is the identify given to a speaking merchandising machine positioned in Japantown, exterior Megabuilding H8. Brendan is a trial machine, supposed to help within the distribution of snacks and streamline the buying course of for hungry clients in Night time Metropolis.

Nonetheless, Brendan’s superior programming ultimately developed into one thing of an alleyway therapist, as he is ready to distribute recommendation and find out about folks’s lives as if he have been sentient. Players who encounter Brendan can anticipate a healthful journey of wisecracking jokes that’s tragically reduce quick by his creator, Softsys, who worries in regards to the low gross sales of the talkative machine.

5 Skippy The Gun

Skippy Smart Gun In Cyberpunk 2077

One other machine that does greater than what’s anticipated of it, Skippy is an iconic HJKE-11 Yukimura that tends to do because it likes. It could actually first be encountered on a corpse in Heywood (which presumably alludes to an end result of Skippy’s habits) and stays with the participant till they determine to return it to The Fixer Regina Jones.

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Skippy, except for cracking feedback at V, will fireplace when it likes, misses pictures, and seem as a cheery bullet hologram that sometimes converses with the participant. Skippy’s A.I. is eliminated whether it is handed again to Regina Jones. In consequence, it is best to take full benefit of the loopy dwelling gun when the prospect is out there.

4 Garry The Prophet

garry the prophet in cyberpunk 2077

A bin-liner-wearing conspiracy theorist, Garry has a wide range of wild conversations with V, starting from his agency perception Nomads are Werewolves to the existence of aliens. He will be discovered throughout the quest The Prophet’s Music within the midst of offending a bunch of Aldecaldos except V steps in.

Apparently, Garry’s loopy claims have an sudden ending, as streamer CohhCarnage’s character is kidnapped by mysterious blue-eyed folks. Whether or not they’re the aliens Garry feared, or just a bunch of corrupt corpos as Johnny appears to assume, this character’s hilarious presentation has one thing of a chilling conclusion.

3 Goro Takemura

goro takemura cyberpunk 2077 interesting detail gimme danger mission

The highly-trained bodyguard of the late Saburo Arasaka, Goro shortly turns into an in depth ally of V throughout the occasions of the sport, aiding them all through quite a few missions. Goro’s fierce loyalty in the direction of Arasaka, in addition to his lethal abilities, hides the really comedic nature of a person out of his depth within the ever-changing cyberware of Night time Metropolis.

Memorably, Goro is unable to make use of the telephone characteristic correctly, and although he claims the interface, it is clear the skilled warrior is one thing of a Boomer, and later messages on the telephone appear to show this. He sends unflattering selfies, unusually formal textual content messages, and hilarious requests that show to the participant he could also be one of many deadliest characters, but in addition one of many most adorable.

2 Johnny Silverhand

johnny silverhand riding a rollercoaster

There is not any larger fixed in Cyberpunk 2077 than the persona of a long-dead rocker boy. Johnny Silverhand is perhaps the largest ache in V’s bottom, however he is additionally some of the constant comedians, delivering dry humor and bitter jabs at a few of the most inappropriate instances.

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Keanu Reeves positively had enjoyable throwing Johnny’s vulgarity into almost each encounter, and it really works a allure. The multitude of sharp quips helps to determine the defensiveness of the controversial character and make the few poignant moments of dialog between V and the rocker boy tender and genuine.

1 Jesse Johnson, The Flaming Crotch Man

jesse johnson the flaming crotch man

A Quest That Begins With An NPC holding his crotch is certain to try humor, however for Jesse Johnson, this works a allure. No quest is as fast-paced, nor as hilarious, because the saga of Jesse and the faulty implant he regretfully grafted into his decrease areas.

V has the choice of aiding Jesse as his implant turns into progressively worse, inflicting the poor man to spout limitless dialogue that provides nice comedy to a easy encounter mission. The cherry on your complete ordeal is a last message from Jesse that proves he actually did be taught nothing from the entire fiasco.

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