Momo’s Greatest Moments In Avatar: The Final Airbender

Each hero wants a lovable animal sidekick. For Avatar Aang, that sidekick is Momo. Though Appa and Aang have had extra historical past collectively, Momo appears to reflect Aang’s playful facet. As such, Momo has many memorable moments all through Avatar: The Final Airbender.

Most of Momo’s finest moments are comedic. Nonetheless, there are a couple of occasions when Momo is surprisingly useful to the Gaang – even whether it is unintended. In relation to Momo, his pals (and audiences) can rely on at all times being pleasantly shocked by what shenanigans Momo will get into subsequent.

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10 Saving the Pygmy Pumas

Momo nuzzling some Pygmy pumas from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

After being chased by pygmy pumas round Ba Sing Se in Avatar: The Final Airbender, Momo and the pumas are captured by black market sellers. Momo cannot perceive what the sellers say to one another, however he is aware of sufficient to comprehend that the pumas are destined for a ugly destiny.

Regardless of the pumas chasing him earlier, Momo escapes from his personal cage and lets them go. It’s an uncharacteristically selfless act since Momo usually does issues just for his profit. Nonetheless, this act of kindness proves that Momo does have compassion in any case.

9 Fetching “Water”

Momo’s point of view: Katara speaking gibberish while holding out a canteen to him from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

When Katara and Sokka grow to be in poor health on their journey to the Northern Water Tribe, Aang goes off to search out drugs. Sadly, this leaves solely Momo to take care of the sick, and he would not have the perfect command of the English language.

Attempt as he may, Momo cannot perceive that Katara is asking him for water, and proceeds to encompass Katara and Sokka with random objects within the hopes that certainly one of his presents will probably be what she desires. The sight of Katara and Sokka adorned in all method of objects is hilarious and is barely trumped by the episode switching to Momo’s view, the place it reveals that each one he hears is Katara talking gibberish to him. Fortunately, Aang returns with the treatment simply in time.

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8 Cactus Juice

Sokka and Momo with heavily dilated eyes after drinking Cactus Juice from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Momo and Sokka are each impulsive creatures. In the event that they see one thing that pursuits them, they mess with it. That is even true when they’re strolling by the desert and are available throughout a wierd cactus. Each man and beast are extremely thirsty, and determine to drink the cactus juice.

Sadly for Katara, Aang, and Toph, the cactus juice is mildly toxic to people and lemurs. Sokka and Momo proceed to go on a mind-bending journey and each do more and more odd issues. At one level, Momo flies round sooner and sooner in a circle till he will get too dizzy and falls. Later, Sokka (nonetheless goofy from the juice) holds Momo’s tail, as Momo tries to glide in the wrong way of their car. It is an uproarious sequence that Momo punctuates by collaborating in Sokka’s antics.

7 Bribing Sokka

Momo at the Southern Air Temple from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

When followers first meet Momo, he’s residing at the Southern Air Temple. Sokka spots him and instantly tries to hunt him down for meals. Happily, Momo is craftier than Sokka and deftly evades him.

By the tip of the episode, Momo decides to provide Sokka a peace providing of nuts and fruits as a solution to sate Sokka’s starvation. It appears to work, as Sokka dives into the providing and turns into a quasi confederate to Momo’s shenanigans all through the present. This one providing reveals how good, however caring Momo is.

6 Antagonizing Catgators

Catgator from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Whereas wandering by The Swamp, Momo encounters a catgator and has to flee for his life. Although he’s flying as quick as doable, the catgator simply catches up with him to attempt to make Momo his afternoon snack.

Fortunately, Appa is there and permits Momo to climb on his head. Appa additionally roars to get the catgator away. The catgator obliges as Momo openly stands on Appa’s head and directs raspberries on the fleeing animal. Momo has loads of gall on this scene, nevertheless it’s nonetheless endearing hilarious.

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5 Conversing with Aang in Lemur

Sleep-deprived Aang talking to Momo from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Aang typically agonizes about what to do when he has to face Fireplace Lord Ozai in battle, however by no means as a lot as he does within the sequence E book 3. Aang worries about it a lot that he’s constantly having unusual nightmares and hallucinations. One such hallucination sees Aang strolling by the woods when Momo begins talking to him.

The sight and sound of Momo speaking is not the one humorous a part of this scene, as Aang is proven talking “lemur” to anybody watching the dialog. Momo’s squeaky voice completely suits his character, and Aang talking Momo’s language brings the 2 pals verbally collectively ultimately.

4 Samurai Momo

Samurai Momo from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Along with Aang talking to Momo in “lemur”, Aang desires that Momo is a samurai. Samurai Momo has a rating to settle with Samurai Appa, and the 2 start hashing issues out proper in entrance of Aang.

The 2 – now speaking – animals conflict blades till Aang is lastly resurrected from his waking dream. The sequence is comedically nonsensical and reveals a distinct dynamic to Momo and Appa’s relationship. Followers love common Momo, however a Momo Samurai hits a complete different stage of humor.

3 Tricking the Fireplace Sages

The Fire Sages from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

When Aang must contact Avatar Roku, the one approach is to get right into a Fireplace temple at simply the proper second. Sadly, it’s guarded by many Fireplace Sages. Momo, nonetheless, has a trick up his fur.

Whereas the sages are distracted, Momo slips by a gap and will get into the blocked chamber. The Fireplace Sages assume Aang broke in, and decides to bust the door open to search out only a frequent flying lemur looking at them. This offers Aang sufficient cowl to slide in. Momo is normally a prankster, however on this occasion, he used his mischievous methods to Aang’s benefit.

2 Earthbending Momo

Momo “Earthbending” from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

When a gaggle of Earthbenders is imprisoned on a ship, Katara feels compelled to assist them escape. To try this, she must get on the vessel. This sparks the concept that the Gaang will simulate Katara doing Earthbending in order that she will probably be arrested. Aang sits underground and blows air by a grate beneath a rock at simply the proper second. This makes it seem that Katara is Earthbending. Nonetheless, when the rock lifts, Momo is standing beneath it as an alternative.

Hilariously, the guards watching them exclaim that they’ve discovered an Earthbending lemur. Although there are a couple of situations of animals utilizing bending, lemurs do not have the flexibility. However the shock on the guards’ faces and the picture of Momo seemingly lifting a rock continues to be hilarious to at the present time.

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1 Lord Momo of the Momo Dynasty

Lord Momo peaking out of a blanket from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Katara, Sokka, Aang, and Toph should infiltrate a celebration to get to the Earth King. To follow their manners, the boys determine to deal with Momo like a dignitary, bowing and saying, “Lord Momo of the Momo Dynasty… Your Momo-ness.”

Momo responds to the pleasantries by donning a blanket round his shoulders and strutting previous the boys just like the vital particular person they make him out to be. Momo’s apparel and his look of self-importance emphasize one of many funniest scenes in Avatar: The Final Airbender, and other people nonetheless quote Aang’s posh greeting as we speak.

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