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We’ll flip the ground over to Jamie Raskin as we speak, as a result of he had an amazing day yesterday along with your shining moments.

​The primary 

And the second was an op-ed he wrote for the CNN web site, that handled Elise Stefanik (R-NY) who has been attempting to place herself because the supposed Queen of Outrage over anti-Semitism on school campuses.  

It’s considerably comparable to some extent I made in my article yesterday, in addition to a reply I made on Twitter to a tweet Stefanik had posted —  considerably the identical, however not as lengthy, not as pointed, and never remotely as eloquent as Raskin. However the spirit was the identical. What I wrote was:
“When Elise Stefanik (R-NY) blisteringly condemns Trump’s dinner visitor Nick Fuentes, who yesterday known as for the ‘absolute annihilation’ of ‘perfidious Jews’ & all non-Christians, THEN she will *perhaps* begin saying her ‘investigation’ of anti-Semitism at schools is not political.”

Jamie Raskin mentioned it far, much better.  

He does deal with Fuentes, though it was clearly written earlier than Fuentes’s “annihilate the Jews” speech, so it does not take care of that.  Nevertheless, what it does say is masterful — with an exquisite, detailed introduction after which 5, straightforward “sure/no” inquiries to the faux-crusader Ms. Stefanik.  You’ll be able to learn it right here.

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