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Now, earlier than you panic (like I did), remember the fact that this dire prediction has been made earlier than. I even wrote about it in a previous column. The prediction: a chocolate scarcity.

Okay, you possibly can go forward and panic now.


Yeah, it didn’t show to be so unhealthy after 2014, however that is 2023. The whole lot is proving to be unhealthy in 2023.

The explanation for the scarcity is, after all, local weather change. About two-thirds of the world’s complete provide of cocoa comes from Ivory Coast and Ghana in Africa. We consider Africa as a dry place, however West Africa had been getting far more rainfall than standard, resulting in the bottom cocoa harvests in a long time. The rain makes cocoa flowers fall off earlier than they’ll bud, and can even trigger a cocoa-killing fungi.

As if that wasn’t unhealthy sufficient, there’s a sugar scarcity because of the local weather situation referred to as El Nino. So with two of the principle elements in brief provide, main sweet producers are elevating costs to compensate for a 46 yr excessive in cocoa worth. And worse, simply earlier than Christmas. What are the chances?

Hm. Simply earlier than Christmas. What are the chances?


That is giving me S’Extra concepts.


I scent a rat, right here, as an alternative of a chocolate bunny.

What if it’s a conspiracy, designed to place cash into the pockets of fats chocolate industrialists. (I’m not being insulting: I simply assume anybody who offers with chocolate all day might find yourself fats.) Possibly they’re hoarding all of the cocoa and sugar, to make the costs go up? What if the Bilderberg conferences have been nothing greater than an organized plan to get chocolate into the palms of its members? (which might require a serviette, after all.)

I can see all of them sitting round, dipping chocolate right into a chocolate fountain, chortling in the best way unhealthy guys do. That’s why Invoice Clinton went over there, to donate his provide of chocolate after Hillary bugged him to eat higher. Their Quantity One might be a man named CocoaFinger. The place’s James Bond while you want him?

“CocoaFinger, do you anticipate me to speak?”

“No, Mr. Bond! I anticipate you to snack! Attempt the left Package Kats, they’re so significantly better than the fitting ones.”


Even 007 loves selfmade brownies. Stirred, not shaken.


Look, we’ve put up with pandemics, wars, and so many idiots in Washington that the entire city seems like a Three Stooges film. I’m finished placing up with issues. Do they assume we’ll sit idly by whereas they stockpile Wonka Bars that rightfully belong in my mouth? I imply,our mouth? Mouths?

It’s time for a revolution.

Let’s make the illuminati illuminate their secret society Snickers silos, stat. We would like free M&Ms, not Free Masons! And rapidly, earlier than all of us waste all the way down to Cranium and Bones! The Knights Templar don’t scare us, and neither would a go to from the Males In Brown. All we’re petrified of is low blood sugar. They will have our chocolate once they pry it from our sticky, scrumptious palms!

We are going to not go quietly into vanilla flavored desserts!

We are going to not let our chocolate vanish and not using a struggle!

We’re going to snack on. We’re going to outlive. At present we have a good time INTERNATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY!

Okay, that’s really in September, nevertheless it’s the precept.

Say, did anybody simply hear the music from “Independence Day”?


Oh my gosh, the hidden chocolate provide–that’s The Secret of Oak Island!

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