The 20 Funniest Moments In Star Wars Films

Star Wars is likely one of the hottest film franchises ever, and every movie has loads of humor to go round. From Han Solo’s well-known one-liners within the authentic trilogy to the memeable second-hand embarrassment within the prequels; every film affords one thing for everybody to snigger at. Each George Lucas and Disney infused the Skywalker saga with loads of hilarious conditions; they knew slightly humor would go a great distance in serving to emphasize the intense scenes within the saga. The franchise even juxtaposed humorous sequences alongside the nail-biting ones, such because the Ewoks taking down the Empire whereas Luke Skywalker dueled in his father on the Dying Star.

Every Star Wars film has a novel facet to its humor. From instance, the prequels function a number of the cringiest dialogue out of the entire franchise, but nearly each line has turn into beloved as a consequence of well-liked memes. In the meantime, the unique trilogy options a number of the most tense relationships within the franchise. Han Solo and C-3PO combine about in addition to oil and water, whereas Han and Leia are at one another’s throats regardless of their underlying emotions. Lastly, the sequel trilogy is masterful for its nonverbal jokes. In any case, listed below are 20 of a number of the funniest scenes the franchise has to supply.

20 Okay-2SO Rescuing Jyn Erso

K-2SO funny Rogue One moment

Simply as Jyn Erso is about to flee her jail transport in Rogue One, she is slammed to the bottom by the Riot’s KX-series safety droid. Okay-2SO says, “Congratulations. You’re being rescued,” as if he did her a favor by knocking the wind out of her. It’s a implausible introduction to his sarcastic character, whereas additionally offering some much-needed comedian reduction given the grim backdrop of the Empire.

19 Jar Jar’s Tongue Going Numb

Jar Jar Binks thumbs up tongue out

Jar Jar Binks is definitely George Lucas’ most controversial addition to The Phantom Menace. Many have blended emotions about whether or not he’s truly humorous or simply plain silly. However Jar Jar’s tongue going numb from Anakin’s podracer beam completely encapsulates the silliness of the character.

18 Han Calling Finn “Massive Deal”

Han Solo and Finn funny big deal moment

Not solely is Han Solo a grasp at name-calling, however he additionally is aware of when to poke enjoyable at others. In The Drive Awakens, Han mockingly echos Finn’s personal phrases about himself by calling him “Massive Deal,” regardless of them each figuring out he’s a pretend and a fraud. Han then correctly cautions him that “girls at all times discover out the reality.”

17 Luke Tossing His Personal Lightsaber

It took a complete film for Rey to seek out and ship Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber to him on Ahch-To. Each Rey and the viewers besides Luke to return to the struggle in opposition to the First Order with gusto. However simply as Rian Johnson tossed a lot of J.J. Abrams concepts out the window for The Final Jedi, so too does Luke toss his personal lightsaber off a cliff.

16 Finn Attempting To Maintain Rey’s Hand

Finn trying to hold Rey's hand in Star Wars

A number of instances throughout their first assembly, Finn makes an attempt to seize maintain of Rey’s hand and lead her out of hazard. But Rey makes it clear that she is aware of learn how to handle herself with out Finn having to tug her alongside. Nonetheless, it’s humorous to see Finn attempt to maintain her hand anyway.

15 Anakin Exceeding His Mandate

Anakin exceeding mandate attack of the clones

The prequel trilogy options loads of embarrassing scenes, most of which concerned Anakin. Close to the start of Assault of the Clones, Anakin makes an attempt to exceed his mandate by promising Padmé he’d discover her murderer. In fact, Obi-Wan rapidly places him in his place, a lot to the hilarious discomfort of the others within the room.

14 “I Have The Excessive Floor”

Obi-Wan Anakin I have the high ground

Throughout Anakin and Obi-Wan’s climactic duel on the finish of Revenge of the Sith, Obi-Wan seemingly concludes the battle by declaring he has the excessive floor. It’s meant to be his final determined try and get Anakin to rethink his path on the darkish facet, but it surely’s comically misplaced and doesn’t make a lot sense. Nonetheless, well-liked meme tradition has turned it into one of the iconic deliveries within the prequels.

13 C-3PO Pondering The Rubbish Masher Labored

c-3po r2-d2 a new hope

Some of the intense scenes in A New Hope is when Luke, Han, Chewy, and Leia are nearly crushed by the rubbish masher on the Dying Star. Within the scramble to try to save them, C-3PO mistakenly believes their cries of joys to be shouts of agony. It’s hilarious to see him scold himself regardless of the viewers figuring out that the gang will probably be alright.

12 “Did You Know That Wasn’t Me?”

K-2SO and Jyn Erso in Rogue One A Star Wars Story

Throughout their skirmish on Jedha, Jan Erso mistakenly shoots down a KX-series safety droid. Fortunately, it seems to be an Imperial droid, and never the Riot’s reprogrammed Okay-2SO unit. However Okay-2SO appears shocked that she’d kill certainly one of his sort so rapidly, asking her, “Do you know that wasn’t me?”

11 Poe And Zorii’s Nod

Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron in Rise of Skywalker

Whereas the Rise of Skywalker is commonly thought-about one of many worst entries into the franchise, Poe Dameron taking pictures his shot with Zorii Bliss close to the top of the movie is notably hilarious. It’s a testomony to each of their actors that they’re capable of talk a complete dialog to the viewers with out saying a phrase.

10 C-3PO Translating For Han Solo And The Ewoks

Star Wars C-3PO and Ewoks

One would assume that Han Solo could be good to C-3PO for as soon as when he truly wants him to translate for the Ewoks, but that doesn’t cease him from discovering a approach to get on C-3PO’s nerves. In Return of the Jedi, Han always pesters C-3PO to translate all of the Riot’s wants with out giving C-3PO have an opportunity to truly say something. Then Han has the gall to inform him he must hurry it up.

9 “I Hate It When He Does That”

Ewan McGregor as Obi-Wan Kenobi and Hayden Christensen as Anakin Skywalker in a speeder on Coruscant in Star Wars Attack of the Clones

Nothing is extra stunning than seeing Anakin Skywalker throw himself off a speeder in Assault of the Clones, however what’s equally stunning is Obi-Wan’s response. Apparently, Anakin is understood to leap off issues previously, a lot to the disgust and disapproval of Obi-Wan.

8 “One way or the other, Palpatine Returned”

Poe talks about Palpatine in The Rise of Skywalker

Palpatine returning was simply one of many greatest plot twists of the sequel trilogy, but the Rise of Skywalker brushed over it with out explaining the way it occurred. Not solely has the road turn into a meme, but it surely’s additionally humorous to see how onerous Disney has labored to patch up this evident plot gap. Each The Mandalorian and The Unhealthy Batch have begun to assist clarify Poe’s notorious line.

7 When Lando Calrissian Meets Leia

Lando Calrissian and Han Solo in Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

As if Han Solo’s advances weren’t troublesome sufficient to cope with, Princess Leia additionally has to cope with Lando Calrissian’s curiosity in Empire Strikes Again. Whereas Lando makes an attempt to make use of his station and attraction Leia, it’s hilarious to observe Han get uncomfortable and attempt to break the 2 aside.

6 “It’s Not Clever To Upset A Wookiee”

Chewbacca in Star Wars

Chewbacca is mostly a huge softie on the within, however that doesn’t cease Han from warning C-3PO to not cross the Wookiee. He makes it clear that beating Chewy in dejarik could lead on C-3PO to getting his arms faraway from their sockets, at which level C-3PO correctly concedes to letting the Wookiee win.

5 BB-8’s Thumbs-up

BB-8 Thumbs Up in Star Wars The Force Awakens

Finn trying to pretend his ties to the Resistance is hilarious, but it surely’s much more humorous when he manages to rope BB-8 into his shenanigans. After convincing BB-8 to offer Rey the situation of the Resistance base, Finn offers BB-8 a thumbs up of approval, to which the droid responds by igniting his lighter.

4 Anakin’s Sand Monologue

Anakin tells Padme he doesn't like sand

I don’t like sand has turn into synonymous with Anakin Skywalker’s character. It’s hilarious how Lucas meant for Anakin’s dialog with Padmé in Assault of the Clones to be romantic. But Anakin solely manages to return off as each corny and whiny.

3 Chewbacca Consuming A Porg

Simply as Chewbacca sits all the way down to take pleasure in a well-roasted Porg in The Final Jedi, he’s interrupted by a gaggle of birds who give him the side-eye. One Porg particularly offers Chewy the saddest puppy-dog eyes within the franchise, inflicting Chewy to rethink his dinner.

2 “That’s Not How The Drive Works”

Han tells Finn that's not how the Force works in The Force Awakens

When Han Solo, Finn, and Chewbacca sneak onto Starkiller Base, Finn appears to imagine that they’ll use the Drive to magically take down the defend across the planet. In fact, Han has seen what the Drive can do firsthand with Luke, inflicting him to exasperatedly inform Finn “That’s not how the Drive works!”

1 “Caught-up, Half-witted, Scruffy-looking Nerf Herder”

Princess Leia calling Han Solo a nerf herder in Star Wars Empire Strikes Back

No burn within the franchise stings as a lot as Leia’s very alternative phrases for Han in The Empire Strikes Again. And regardless of throwing a good quantity of insults at him, Han is simply involved on whether or not he’s truly scruffy-looking. In any case, Leia managed to ship one of many funniest insults in all of Star Wars.

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