10 Funniest Dragon Ball Moments

Dragon Ball has a repute for merely being an action-packed sequence stuffed to the brim with muscle-bound heroes and villains creating big explosions by taking pictures power blasts at one another, and whereas that’s largely correct, Dragon Ball can also be stuffed to the brim with genuinely hilarious moments.

Throughout each period of Dragon Ball, from the traditional sequence and Z to even the sequel period of Dragon Ball Tremendous, there are various scenes, chapters, episodes, and characters that made followers snigger out loud, even between the dramatic motion that was virtually always happening. From situational comedy to darkish humor, Dragon Ball retains followers laughing simply as a lot because it blows them away with jaw-dropping fights and high-stakes tales. Nevertheless, out of all of them, solely ten stand above the remaining as being the all-time funniest Dragon Ball moments.

10 Oolong’s Dragon Ball Want

Oolong wishing for panties.

Within the early days of Dragon Ball continuity (chapter 20, to be exact), one Z-Fighter saved the world lengthy earlier than Goku: Oolong. When the villainous Emperor Pilaf and his gang acquired their fingers on the Dragon Balls, Pilaf was about to want upon them to grow to be the Emperor of the World. Nevertheless, after Shenron was summoned, Oolong rapidly wished for a pair of girls’s panties to waste the want and foil Pilaf’s dastardly plans. The second was heroic, to make sure, however the flabbergasted look Oolong acquired from everybody round him – together with Shenron – when he made this completely off-the-wall and absurd want was completely hilarious.

9 The Debut Of Dragon Ball’s ‘Superman’

Dragon Ball introduces Suppaman.

Whereas many followers may suppose Goku naturally fills the position as Dragon Ball’s Superman, there’s truly a personality inside DB continuity who’s the self-proclaimed ‘Superman’ of Earth (type of): Suppaman. Suppaman is launched as a costumed hero whose secret id seems to be precisely like Clark Kent, and whose superhero persona is tremendously paying homage to Superman. He’s like Dragon Ball’s official Superman parody, which is why his debut in Dragon Ball chapter 82 is so hilarious. Suppaman’s misguided sense of self-importance makes each second he’s within the manga extra humorous than the final, particularly when contemplating his delusion-fueled ineffectiveness when he’s truly attempting to be heroic (and failing miserably).

8 Goku vs The Purple Ninja

Goku vs Purple Ninja.

Goku has been in lots of battles all through his Dragon Ball profession, however none have been funnier than his battle towards the Purple Ninja in Dragon Ball chapter 61. The battle itself is as easy as most conflicts in Dragon Ball go. Goku is infiltrating a Pink Ribbon Military stronghold, and he has to get by means of more and more difficult dangerous guys earlier than reaching the highest of the tower. Nevertheless, the motion/journey tone of this chapter modified drastically when the Purple Ninja jumped into the air in an try to return down on Goku together with his sword, and Goku prolonged his Energy Pole straight up into the Purple Ninja’s rear finish. The Purple Ninja’s response to that degree of surprising embarrassment and excruciating ache is one thing followers can’t assist however to snigger at, and the truth that Goku himself was cracking up solely made the scene that a lot funnier.

7 Lonely Cell

Cell alone in his arena.

Cell is arguably probably the most terrifying villain in the complete Dragon Ball sequence, however in chapter 394, it appears even world-ending bio-androids get lonely typically. After Cell reached his excellent type, he went on stay tv and introduced to the world that he’d be holding a match generally known as the Cell Video games, and he stated it might begin in 9 days. Then, Cell promptly rushed again to the sector he constructed and waited for the due date to reach. Within the chapters that adopted that second, readers are given what amounted to epic montages of intense coaching among the many heroic Z-Fighters, just for the manga to chop again to a lonely Cell standing in his ring, muttering to himself, “Perhaps 9 days was an excessive amount of of a wait”. It’s a refined second, one which humanizes Cell greater than every other throughout his DBZ saga, and it’s truly hilarious.

6 Broly Attacking Frieza

Broly vs Frieza.

Dragon Ball Tremendous: Broly is maybe probably the most epic, action-heavy installment of the Dragon Ball mythos, but it isn’t with out its comedy. Whereas Frieza acted as the primary antagonist of the movie, who manipulated Broly into battling Goku and Vegeta on his behalf, he ended up being the butt of the joke when Broly utterly misplaced his thoughts and went after Frieza as a substitute of his supposed targets. The panic in Frieza’s eyes moments earlier than Broly made contact was virtually as hilarious because the sight of Broly manhandling Frieza like a dull ragdoll. Plus, it’s all the time humorous when dangerous issues occur to dangerous folks, and there’s virtually nobody worse than Frieza.

5 Vegeta’s Pacifier

Vegeta sucking on a pacifier.

Dragon Ball Tremendous episode 46 gave followers in all probability the funniest piece of visible comedy in the complete sequence: Vegeta together with his pacifier. Within the episode, Vegeta is attacked by alien slime who assumed Vegeta’s id and stole his powers. The longer ‘Copy-Vegeta’ remained alive, the extra Vegeta pale into oblivion. Nevertheless, by sucking on a particular pacifier, Vegeta was in a position to sluggish the method of his personal demise. This gave followers the hilarious sight of Vegeta aggressively sucking on his pacifier whereas watching his allies battle an ideal copy of himself, completely oblivious to how absurd he seems to be.

4 Goku Grabbing The Galactic King’s ‘Tentacle’

Goku grabbing the Galactic King's tentacle.

This can be a gag that really occurred twice in Dragon Ball Tremendous, however the joke was rather more pronounced the second time. In Dragon Ball Tremendous chapter 67, after Goku defeated Moro, he met with the Galactic King, who needed to point out his appreciation for Goku’s heroism, as Moro was a risk to the complete cosmos. The Galactic King is an octopus-like alien, so when Goku went to shake his ‘hand-tentacle’, he truly grabbed his genitals, which the Galactic King flat-out feedback on by saying, “You’re grabbing my junk on goal, aren’t you…?”. Goku by chance did this as soon as earlier than, however the Galactic King merely blushed and the complete state of affairs was purely implied. This time, although, the Galactic King outwardly says precisely what it seems to be like Goku is doing, which is the primary and solely time Dragon Ball made a direct penis joke with the visible to match.

3 Driving Classes With Piccolo and Goku

Goku and Piccolo driving.

The unique run of the Dragon Ball Z anime was chalked-full of filler episodes, however episode 125 “Goku’s Ordeal” is definitely probably the most memorable – and probably the most hilarious. The episode opens with Chi-Chi telling Goku and Piccolo that they should get their driver’s licenses, or else she gained’t put together them meals anymore. So, the 2 warriors enroll in a driving college, the place they each take their driver’s check on the similar time. This leads to a drag race between Goku and Piccolo, which solely occurs after Piccolo’s driving teacher overtly mocks him for driving so slowly. Absolutely the absurdity of this episode is sufficient to hold followers laughing all through, with the one a part of the episode that isn’t a joke being how iconically on-point Piccolo’s outfit is.

2 Yamcha’s Baseball ‘Demise’

Yamcha's baseball 'death'.

Yamcha alone is sufficient of a joke to qualify as his personal installment on this checklist, however one of many funniest scenes involving him was in Dragon Ball Tremendous episode 70. Within the episode, Beerus and Champa have their top-fighters from their respective universes play a recreation of baseball. Whereas Yamcha is completely no assistance on the battlefield, he’s surprisingly good at baseball, so Beerus provides him to the workforce. On the finish of the sport, when Yamcha makes a run for a base, the opposing workforce’s efforts to cease him get a bit extra explosive than they supposed, and Yamcha finally ends up laying face-down in a crater the place the bottom was. Whereas Yamcha efficiently made the run, the visible of him laying within the crater was a transparent reference to his pathetic loss of life in Dragon Ball Z, which is a meta second that even followers who love Yamcha can’t assist however respect.

1 Yamcha’s Precise Demise

Yamcha's death.

Whereas a meta joke mocking Yamcha’s pathetic DBZ loss of life is humorous, it may well’t evaluate to the actual factor. In Dragon Ball chapter 215, Yamcha boasts that he can kill each Saibaman the Saiyans throw at them, solely to right away be killed by one actually one second later. Not solely is the scene itself extremely humorous within the darkest means doable (because the punchline was actually Yamcha’s loss of life), however the truth that the picture of Yamcha’s lifeless corpse laying face-down in a crater is among the most iconic pictures in the complete Dragon Ball sequence for purely comical causes is sufficient to make this second the funniest in Dragon Ball historical past.

Dragon Ball accommodates a number of the most intense, action-packed, and heart-wrenching moments in anime historical past. However, when the sequence decides to be humorous, it’s completely hilarious, and these are simply ten of the funniest Dragon Ball moments.

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