10 Funniest One-Punch Man Moments


  • One-Punch Man’s comedy shines simply as brightly as its paintings and motion; it is stuffed with surprising punchlines and hilarious moments.
  • The anime takes the comedy to a different degree with sound and music, including new jokes and amplifying the humor.
  • From Saitama’s epic but easy punches to surprising twists, One-Punch Man is a goldmine of comedic brilliance that followers can look ahead to in future seasons.

Whereas One-Punch Man‘s manga could also be identified for its unbelievable artwork and loopy motion, the collection’ comedy is simply as a lot of a spotlight. Following the lifetime of Saitama, a man with immeasurable energy who works as a hero “for enjoyable,” One-Punch Man will get as much as all kinds of hijinks, from superpowered mishaps to on a regular basis grocery offers. And naturally other than Saitama, there’s an entire solid of wacky heroes whose disagreements are sometimes nice fodder for comedy as nicely.

One-Punch Man‘s comedy can come from quite a lot of completely different areas, like abrupt model shifts, surprising punchlines, and even by taking part in issues straight. The anime heightens this additional with the addition of sound and music and even provides some new jokes of its personal. The entries on this checklist are among the most hilarious moments from each the anime and manga, which can embody some gentle spoilers for individuals who have solely watched the anime.

10 Pace-Of-Sound Sonic’s Punching Bag

One-Punch Man: Speed-Of-Sound Sonic seconds from disaster.

Early within the collection, Saitama encounters a villain by the identify of Pace-Of-Sound Sonic, who actually simply irritates Saitama to no finish. Of their first confrontation, Sonic is attempting to point out off his ninja strikes, quickly shifting round Saitama in an try and confuse him. Saitama is ready to keep watch over Sonic simply, nonetheless, and so when Sonic makes an attempt to assault with a kick, Saitama retaliates with a minimal effort punch–a punch which connects with Sonic proper between his legs. The anime takes the gag a step additional, including a “technical difficulties” display screen instantly afterward.

9 Severe Sneeze

One-Punch Man: Saitama's Planet-shattering sneeze.

In Saitama’s confrontation with Garou (which has but to be animated), their battle takes them deep into space–all the way in which to Jupiter, actually. Whereas battling it out on Jupiter’s moon, Io, Saitama merely lets out a sneeze… one so devastating that it destroys a large chunk of Jupiter. The planet, in fact, was lots of of miles away, making it each spectacular and hilarious {that a} easy sneeze might destroy a planet. It is described as Saitama’s “Severe Sneeze,” emulating his “Severe Collection” of assaults which requires him placing in a small quantity of effort.

8 Squishing the Incorrect Pest

One-Punch Man's Beefcake smashing his brother by accident.

Saitama’s very first battle within the collection sees him up in opposition to “Beefcake,” a large Assault on Titan-style large being commanded by his mad scientist brother, who stands on his shoulder. Saitama will get up on Beefcake’s different shoulder, prompting the youthful brother to command Beefcake to squash “the person on his shoulder.” Beefcake nonchalantly swats at his shoulder, till realizing in horror that he crushed the unsuitable man, killing his brother. His response is totally excessive and hilarious, particularly within the anime, prompting Saitama to really get severe and take out the enormous, who finally understands how hole being the strongest might be.

7 Again to One Punch?

One-Punch Man: Saitama is back to one punch

When the Darkish Matter Thieves arrive on Earth, Saitama really finds an opponent who may give him a point of problem in their chief, Boros. He begins to get excited, and even busts out his “Severe Collection” strikes to lastly win. Saitama will get excited when the subsequent monster exhibits up and goes all out instantly, anticipating one other reasonably fascinating battle, however no. As an alternative, Saitama obliterates the monster into tiny items, sending them flying off in each course. Saitama is hilariously disenchanted at how simply the monster went down, capping off the primary season of the anime the identical method it began.

6 No Headphones When Preventing

One-Punch Man: Forte gets hit by a car because of his headphones.

When Saitama strikes into the Hero Affiliation’s headquarters, his neighbors come over to introduce themselves, and closely suggest that he must be wanting as much as them and treating them with respect as they’re of upper rank. Saitama in fact needs none of that, and finally certainly one of them, Forte, needs to scuffle with Saitama outdoors. As soon as outdoors, they start to sq. off, till Saitama tries to warn Forte of an incoming automotive. Forte cannot hear as a result of he has headphones on, so he will get hit by the Blizzard Bunch’s automotive. He is subsequent seen recovering within the hospital, pondering Saitama obtained him with some psychic energy, till lastly his pals inform him to knock it off with the headphones.

5 Discount Day

One-Punch Man: Saitama remembers it's bargain day at the grocery store.

Throughout the Home of Evolution story arc, Saitama faces off in opposition to the monstrous Carnage Kabuto, a being created to be the final word monster. Nonetheless, Saitama is a bit distracted throughout the battle, as he realizes what day it’s, and that they’ve missed the native grocery store’s discount day. An exasperated Saitama notices this as he is attacking, leaving him with a hilariously severe face as he screams in regards to the grocery store, virtually oblivious to the monster he is simply destroyed. He and Genos run off instantly, leaving the Home of Evolution’s creator baffled at what simply occurred.

4 A New Facet of Tatsumaki

One-Punch Man: Tatsumaki's filmed ad versus aired ad.

Within the Neo Heroes arc, the Hero Affiliation is engaged on its publicity, and as such creates an advert starring Tatsumaki. Tatsumaki loses it a little bit bit and goes overboard, summoning actual tornados and terrifying the crew of the movie shoot. That is not what airs on TV, though–the Hero Affiliation creates AI-generated photos of Tatsumaki performing like a cute magical lady, they usually broadcast that as an alternative. Tatsumaki flips her lid when she sees what they’ve achieved, whereas Fubuki is available in congratulating her on such a cute and profitable advert. Let’s simply say the Hero Affiliation executives are fortunate to be alive.

3 “Discovered You!”

One-Punch Man: Saitama's face underground. Found You!

At first of the Home of Evolution arc, numerous cybernetically and genetically enhanced animals assault Saitama’s home. When Saitama wastes their strongest member in a single hit, although, the mole begins to panic and makes an attempt to flee as Saitama’s consideration activates him. The mole digs underground, solely to stumble into Saitama, who merely says, “Discovered you!” The mole reacts to this with abject horror and tries to run away once more, solely to be the subsequent to be destroyed by Saitama. The face Saitama makes is completely hysterical, together with the sing-song supply used within the anime.

2 Sassy Misplaced Little one

One-Punch Man: The famed

When the S-class are known as to the Hero Affiliation HQ over the arrival of the Darkish Matter Thieves, Saitama goes with Genos and Bang to the assembly. Nonetheless, when he arrives, Tatsumaki spots him and asks what a “less-than” like him was doing right here, instantly criticizing Saitama for even attending the assembly regardless of their invitation. Saitama simply appears to be like at her blankly and asks, “What’s with the perspective from this misplaced little one?”, mistaking Tatsumaki’s petite type as an indication of her age. Tatsumaki is rendered in her webcomic look right here, making her look much more like a toddler and heightening the joke even additional.

1 The Apple Would not Understand

One-Punch Man: King considers cutting the apple, but doesn't.

In the Neo Heroes arc within the manga, Atomic Samurai decides he must see King’s energy for himself, and places ahead a check. His outdated grasp Nichirin had demonstrated beforehand a method of reducing an apple such that it “would not notice it has been minimize” and thus would not react, so Atomic Samurai places ahead the apple check for King. King kneels on the bottom for a second, holding the blade… then units it down and walks away having achieved nothing. Atomic Samurai is surprised, nonetheless, as he believes King has simply demonstrated ability on his grasp’s degree when actually he did actually nothing. It doesn’t matter what King does, he all the time winds up wanting extra highly effective than ever.

There are a lot extra hilarious moments scattered all through One-Punch Man, however these 10 scenes are among the many absolute best comedy the collection has to supply. Followers of the anime have some nice moments mendacity forward of them in season 3, with lots of One-Punch Man‘s biggest gags nonetheless ready to be animated.

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