10 Funniest One Piece Moments

Whereas One Piece has among the darkest moments in a Shonen sequence, it’s also in some ways a comedy at its coronary heart. Eiichiro Oda loves to present his characters goofy designs and even the powers of the principle character Luffy are very cartoonish. This makes it unsurprising that the sequence additionally has a myriad of hilarious moments to steadiness out its tragedies.

One Piece is a manga following the adventures of the Straw Hat Pirates, led by the rubber man Monkey D. Luffy. Every of the Straw Hats has its personal enjoyable quirks that may play off one another very properly from Nami’s love of cash to Zoro’s tendency to get misplaced. The interactions of those larger-than-life figures are sometimes what results in the funniest moments within the sequence, the ten better of that are listed under.

10 Luffy Misreads His Bounty

Luffy cries at his bounty

After Luffy fights a high-ranking member of the Large Mother Pirates, he and the remainder of his crew’s bounties all are modified. Whereas that is typically an thrilling event, with most of the Straw Hats taking pleasure within the excessive bounties provided for his or her seize. Luffy nevertheless is dejected as he thinks his bounty has gone down. Nonetheless, his crew factors out to his shock that he truly misinterpret the quantity on his bounty poster and that he has truly achieved the brand new milestone of an over 1 billion berry bounty. This can be a humorous misunderstanding that’s enhanced by the monumental achievement hooked up to it.

9 Luffy Reburies a Zombie

Luffy buries a zombie

Upon first exploring the gothic island of Thriller Bark, Luffy and his crew encounters a zombie that rises from its grave to menace them. As a substitute of getting scared or combating it, Luffy as a substitute calmly pushes the dwelling corpse again into its grave. That is such a nonchalant and surprising response that it makes this probably creepy second hilarious. Thriller Bark as an entire is an arc that would have been genuinely scary, however as a result of lighthearted nature of the Straw Hats and One Piece‘s artwork type it was rather more humorous than scary. This second is an ideal instance of why that’s truly some extent within the arc’s favor.

8 The Straw Hats Meet Crocus

Crocus in One Piece

Upon coming into the Grand Line, the Straw Hats encounter the enormous whale Laboon. Whereas Laboon finally turns into a serious piece of One Piece foreshadowing, the whale initially eats them. Within the whale’s abdomen, they encounter the crotchety previous man Crocus who has made his house there. Their assembly is delightfully awkward, with the Straw Hats not fairly realizing what to make of this previous man who acts as if dwelling inside a whale’s abdomen is completely regular, particularly contemplating he’s the primary individual they’ve encountered on the Grand Line. There is not a lot of an precise joke right here however remains to be a hilarious and uncommon instance of a time when the Straw Hats have been at a loss for what to do within the face of somebody even weirder than they’re.

7 Usopp Defeats Sugar

Sugar is scared in One Piece

Probably the most terrifying enemies within the Dressrosa arc is Sugar, a woman who can flip individuals into dolls and make everybody neglect about them. After Sugar does this to Robin, Usopp reverts to his worst traits changing into a coward once more, however is aware of he has to defeat her in an effort to free his buddy. The marksman initially fails, however when Sugar feeds him a Tabasco grape he tried to make use of on her, the grotesque face he makes in response scares her into submission. This can be a very poetic second that additionally helps catapult Usopp into his godlike standing. The facial expressions Oda makes use of to painting the scene is what makes it so hilarious with each Sugar’s terror and Usopp’s agony wanting gloriously foolish.

6 Zoro Tries to Lower Off His Legs

Zoro shocked in One Piece

Zoro is among the most stoic characters within the sequence however this truly paradoxically tends to make him one of many funniest Straw Hats. The most effective instance of that is when Zoro was trapped in Little Backyard by Mr. 3, who was turning him right into a wax statue. With all hope seeming misplaced, Zoro begins to ponder chopping off his legs in an effort to free himself, which his fellow captives vehemently object to. Zoro’s stoic willpower within the face of a clearly dumb thought makes this second funnier than it has any proper to be. Proper after that, Zoro assumes an epic pose, pondering that if he is about to be changed into a statue, he could as properly look good.

5 Zoro Will get Misplaced On a Ship

Zoro cuts a ship in half

One other factor that makes Zoro a hilarious character is his tendency to get misplaced in essentially the most dramatic approach doable. The funniest instance of that is instantly after the time skip when the Straw Hats are assembly up in Sabaody after a very long time aside. Sanji goes searching for Zoro however discovers that the swordsman wandered off onto one other ship the place he promptly took a nap. The ship then departed for Fishman Island, taking Zoro with them. When Zoro awakened, he lower the ship in half to flee and return to land. This second was a welcome and dramatic reminder of how foolish Zoro could be after the sequence had gone on hiatus along with being completely hilarious.

4 Zoro Tries to Kill Sanji After Wano


Zoro and Sanji’s usually contentious rivalry is considered one of One Piece‘s greatest working gags. The gag simply retains getting higher with every passing arc with its greatest joke truly occurring proper after Wano. In the course of the Raid on Onigashima earlier than Sanji used his household’s know-how he requested Zoro to take him out if it remodeled him right into a monster. Fortunately the know-how did not do that, however after the battle Zoro remembered this promise and tried to kill Sanji whereas the chef protested. This whole scene goes on within the background of one other panel, however it’s nonetheless an ideal joke for his or her relationship, which relies on belief in battle however devolves right into a hilariously petty rivalry exterior tense conditions.

3 Sanji’s Doppelgänger

Duval's Original Face

After the Straw Hats first grew to become notorious, wished posters have been launched for them that featured a hilariously ugly and inaccurate image of Sanji. Afterward, a gaggle of mysterious pirates attacked the Straw Hats, apparently after Sanji. It was revealed within the struggle that the captain of this crew regarded precisely like the image of Sanji on his bounty poster leading to a hilarious coincidence and a newfound ally after the Straw Hats beat his face into a brand new form. This was a particularly humorous punchline after the preliminary setup was planted many chapters beforehand, but it surely additionally served to cover a deeper thriller about Sanji’s household of villainous energy rangers, making this joke even higher in hindsight.

2 Ryunosuke’s Tragically Brief Life

The Straw Hats ride Ryunosuke

After Dressrosa, the Straw Hats journey to the elephantine island of Zou with the Wano samurai they’ve encountered on the way in which. In an effort to rise up to the island, considered one of these samurai, Kanjuro, makes use of his Satan Fruit energy to create a poorly drawn dragon named Ryunosuke that takes a few of them as much as the highest. The Straw Hats type an unnaturally robust attraction to Ryunosuke and really mourn his needed demise after his activity is accomplished. Ryunosuke’s derpy look is a delicate piece of foreshadowing, hinting at Kanjuro being a traitor, but it surely additionally makes the Straw Hat’s whole journey with him even funnier and cements this quick episode as considered one of One Piece‘s funniest moments.

1 Buggy Failing Upward at Marineford

Buggy on TV at Marineford

Buggy the Clown is considered one of One Piece‘s earliest antagonists and in addition considered one of its silliest, being accountable for among the funniest moments within the sequence lengthy historical past. Regardless of being a former member of Gol D Roger’s crew alongside Shanks, Buggy simply is not threatening sufficient to be an intimidating villain. Nonetheless, his character arc drastically modifications in the course of the Marineford arc, the place he by chance makes a reputation for himself as a serious pirate. This begins a development of unintended success that has culminated in Buggy changing into a Yonko with a fleet of devoted followers beneath him. This working gag has even led some followers to invest that Buggy will turn into the Pirate King. This all makes the second the place Buggy first started his upward rise the funniest second in One Piece.

Regardless of having some iconic tragic scenes, the moments listed above present that One Piece has simply as many superior comedic moments. Whereas many followers may attempt to ignore the goofier facet of the sequence in favor of the extra severe plot factors, these moments are simply as important as those that tug on the heartstrings. On this planet of One Piece, similar to in the true world, tragedy and comedy coexist and these hilarious moments superbly remind followers of this truth.

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