Final Week Tonight Final Evening

​For those who missed Final Week Tonight with John Oliver final night time, we have now the Essential Story.  Truly, this was a type of occasions I particularly wished they submit the opening “information replace” phase of the present because it was notably great.  And with that in thoughts, there’s double excellent news.  RawStory posted a narrative this morning about one of many information gadgets in that opening phase, and by some means they’re capable of get entry to the opening phase, and I used to be capable of obtain it.  So, for a rarity, I will submit that quickly, most definitely tomorrow.

And the opposite excellent news is that the Essential Story was a really fascinating and entertaining one.  It needed to do with homeschooling.  A lot of it is extremely humorous, however it additionally turns severe (or, as Oliver places it, “darkish”), and general it is very nicely accomplished.

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