Group Gardens Plot 209 | Susie Rinehart

A prose-poem for you on Earth Day…

The morning smells scrumptious,
of dust and final evening’s rain –
I dream of abundance,
draw a map 
on the again of an envelope:
tomatoes, basil, garlic right here,
potatoes, peppers, peas there,
Oh, the meals we will develop!

Every spring, I’ve excessive hopes
for gardening.
I neglect my tendency
to kill vegetation –
to allow them to go unprotected 
from deer, rabbits,
and the dry, relentless warmth.

I start with gusto anyway, 
seduced by the best way vegetation are known as “begins”
and the concept of starting new.
This 12 months particularly, since we’re off the waitlist,
and promised land in our public backyard.
By no means thoughts that Plot 209 is all weeds and rocks.

Within the group gardens,
the forex is sharing –
The instrument library, the swapping shed, 
the compost commons – 
Can I borrow your tiller?
Right here, attempt my favourite shovel.

I’m amazed by how many individuals
come to greet us, their new backyard neighbors,
provide wheelbarrows and watering cans –
Lindsay presents us onion bulbs for luck.
Tony and Bobbie, Howard and Scott, Sarah and Ryan
come carrying compost in buckets,
come providing knowledge too: 
Rabbits don’t like blood meal
or marigolds,
Weed material is affordable at Costco,
I’ll make you ceramic row markers, 
Did you hear they activate the water tomorrow?

Every part right here 
depends on pleasant alternate.
Dialog facilities on frequent floor,
or no less than, the bottom.
On my proper, my 83 12 months previous neighbor identifies perennials.

On my left, a 5 12 months previous boy sings to the vegetation,
selecting what to avoid wasting and what to toss –
“I weed you, I preserve you, I weed you, I preserve you.”

Somebody has made a path
out of flat stones, discarded by another person.
I step from stone to stone,
and take into account the facility of sharing and seeds
to make the world really feel entire once more.

*Particular due to Teresa Chapman who put us on the waitlist within the first place, the Carbon Crew Mission (and its greatest cheerleaders, Tom Virden & Lois Shannon) who motivated us to essentially do the backyard factor this 12 months, and Kurt, who does all of the heavy lifting!

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