The primary recorded horror film was a house film shot with a Bolex digicam, and movie critics hesitate to categorise it as a horror film or a slapstick comedy. Its creator is understood to be a Texas housewife named Margaret Lockwood. The film lasts seven minutes and has no title. The primary sequence is a chase peppered with blows. A person carrying nothing however a poncho and a cowboy hat (in all probability Mr. Lockwood) is being chased round a desk by a harum-scarum aged girl (in all probability Mr. Lockwood’s mother-in-law). The girl brandishes a rolling pin with which beats the person up each time she reaches him. The person laughs on the comical scenario. His giggle is contagious and the viewer can not help however giggle too. Everybody laughs, even the outdated girl. However all of the sudden the viewer’s laughter freezes when seeing the outdated girl stopping, reaching into her petticoats, and pulling out a revolver. The following second, the laughing man is riddled with bullets. Within the following sequence it’s seen how the outdated girl cuts the corpse into very skinny slices. Then she inserts every slice into an envelope and in every envelope writes a special tackle that she copies from a big tackle e-book. Then a horse-drawn wagon from the publish workplace stops in entrance of the home and carries the letters sack away. Within the following sequence there’s a knock on the door. When the outdated girl opens it, she is confronted along with her son-in-law (resurrected?) who laughs his head off and will get everybody laughing. Nevertheless, in a flash the overall temper modifications and everybody turns into severe. The outdated girl grabs an ax that was leaning towards the wall and cuts off the person’s head with a single blow. The person runs off headless however quickly his power fails him and he collapses. The outdated girl laughs and everybody begins cracking out, together with the person’s head which lies on the bottom in the course of a big pool of blood. Within the final body we’re proven a poster the place a penguin seems.

There was a lot debate concerning the nature of this movie. Comedy? Horror film? Household drama? Western? A lunatic’s opera prima?

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