Membership Rulz

How does this hold occurring?

It’s the identical mistake 12 months after 12 months.

I’ve cancelled my membership numerous instances to no avail.

Regardless of all my efforts I nonetheless acquired THIS within the mail…

Oh boy!


Seems as if I’ll have a number of sclerosis one more 12 months.   No less than by 2023 in line with the cardboard.



However I don’t wish to be a member anymore!  I’ve had my share of MS.  The falls, the journeys, the embarrassing urine drips.

I’ve pooped my pants.  I’ve bloodied myself head to toe.  I’ve given myself extra photographs than a bartender at T.G.I. Fridays.

I didn’t ask to affix this membership within the first place.  Had I identified I’d be a member this lengthy–I’d have joined Rotary as a substitute.

I’ve by no means paid any dues to belong.  By no means gone by an initiation.  Or been hazed.  But right here I’m…apparently a valued accomplice.

It’s simpler to get out of a time-share settlement.

Water Buffaloes.

Some organizations get to put on funky hats as members however not this one.

Closest we get is padding round in a cumbersome cooling vest.

Oh, and orange is our official shade.  Who seems to be good in orange in addition to a crossing guard?

I bust out my orange shirt one time a 12 months…deer season.


LOTS of advantages to affix!


Okay okay we DO have disabled parking permits.

And we get to board planes earlier than everybody else.

So I suppose these are our bennies.


For causes unknown I’ll save this card in my pockets as I’ve in years previous.  I’ll pitch the previous, dog-eared card from 2022.  And hold my fingers crossed that perhaps THIS would be the 12 months my MS membership ends.

Preserve transferring.

P.S.  Goofing round I created this MS punch card however couldn’t work out a great place to insert it into the publish.  Right here it’s anyway…

Play on!

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