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Given these constructions, there is no such thing as a maximal quantity. The quantity approaches infinity because the angle approaches 90 levels.

The truth is these formulae are unrelated

the lateral peak of a cone is the size of a line phase from the apex of the cone alongside its aspect to its base.

strive tougher.

I’m a math grad scholar I don’t need to be humiliated like this

sorry, it was both you or me :V

I believe? However I’m solely at undergrad stage in arithmetic, so be at liberty to level out if I f@*$ed up. I used to be by no means notably superb at geometry.

that is completely right; very thorough too :3

additionally this could completely be accessible to anybody who’s accomplished simply sufficient calculus to speak about maxima and minima of repeatedly differentiable features, which implies both highschool or undergrad calc, relying in your instructional path; don’t be so frightened ;p

(by the way you might have skipped from h=l/√3 straight to the reply through the use of arccos as a substitute of arctan however arctan is a nicer operate anyhow so w/e)

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