Vegan Mum Refuses To Get Rid Of Daughters Head Lice!

Girl with head lice

When your toddler returns house with a head stuffed with pesky lice, it is normally time to tug out all of the stops and use each shampoo and therapy in sight to do away with these critters pronto. However maintain on to your hats, as a result of an Aussie mother has taken a totally completely different strategy, and it is really head-scratching!

In line with, one involved mum or dad wrote to an recommendation column about her vegan neighbor who refused to deal with her kid’s head lice. Surprising, proper? The vegan mother’s motive for sparing the nits will go away you scratching your head in disbelief.

The nervous mum or dad shared, “My seven-year-old daughter is greatest associates with the woman subsequent door, whose household are vegan. That’s high-quality, we respect their alternative … my drawback is that not too long ago, this in any other case pleasant baby was at our home and scratching furiously, and I found she was crawling with head lice.”

After alerting the woman’s mother concerning the lice state of affairs, the vegan mother shockingly confessed that she did not need to hurt the little critters.

She went on to elucidate that she had been combing the lice into the backyard, hoping they’d thrive there. Think about the horror of the involved mum or dad upon listening to this! Combing them into the backyard? That is undoubtedly not going to work, and no one desires their baby lined in these creepy crawlies.

The recommendation columnist did not maintain again and known as the vegan mother a “sanctimonious twit.” She even went so far as calling her a “monster” for subjecting the nits to a gradual and painful demise within the yard. Let’s face it, these nits will not final a minute on the market!

The columnist then got here up with a mischievous however considerably amusing thought for the nervous mum or dad. She steered inviting the nit-ridden woman over for a “play hairdressers” day, the place the involved mum or dad may personally take away the lice. The one concern was whether or not the lice-activist mother would discover out and be upset.

Properly, speak about a head-scratcher! Ultimately, it is as much as the nervous mum or dad to discover a answer, be it a pleasant intervention or perhaps a mild reminder to the vegan mother that lice-free hair is fairly essential too.

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