Last Fantasy Funniest Moments

The Last Fantasy collection has given followers many prolonged and memorable tales by way of the years, all of which include distinctive moments. From the chaotic finish of the world in Last Fantasy 6 to Aerith’s tragic demise in Last Fantasy 7, the collection positively pulls no punches with regards to stunning followers with emotional scenes.

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However whereas the emotional moments of the Last Fantasy collection get many of the consideration, it’s also necessary to understand the moments within the collection that make gamers chortle. For a collection not essentially identified for its comedy, these moments within the Last Fantasy collection actually had followers laughing till they cried.

8 Locke Will get Seasick (Last Fantasy 6)

Locke throwing up over the side of the ship in Final Fantasy 6

Locke Cole has at all times been a humorous character of types in Last Fantasy 6. From infiltrating South Figaro to creating jokes at Edgar’s expense, this lovable thief (or quite, treasure hunter) stays one of many liveliest characters within the collection, even when his well being turns for the more serious, as proven on the boat experience to Thamasa.

After a heartfelt dialog between Terra, Common Leo, and later Shadow, a nauseous Locke immediately stumbles throughout the deck of the ship earlier than vomiting over the facet. An embarrassing second in its personal proper, the truth that Shadow bore witness to all the second makes this second all of the extra hilarious for everybody besides Locke.

7 Cross-Dressing Cloud (Last Fantasy 7)

Don Corneo ogling at a crossdressing Cloud in Final Fantasy 7

One of many extra fashionable scenes within the collection, Cloud’s cross-dressing quest was an early recreation spotlight in Last Fantasy 7, a lot so that there have been nice expectations as to how this quest could be dealt with within the remake. What additional cemented the hilarity of the hunt was the variety of objects that might be discovered by speaking to the denizens of Wall Market.

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Discovering the very best objects for Cloud’s disguise will finally lead to Don Corneo selecting him as his bride for the night time. What ensues is a quite humorous scene during which Don Corneo relentlessly flirts with Cloud, made even funnier by the truth that Cloud can probably reply by saying Barret is his boyfriend.

6 Cecil Thinks He Can Dance (Last Fantasy 4)

Cecil dancing alongside a Dancing Girl in Final Fantasy 4

Whereas trendy Last Fantasy video games have left them prior to now, Dancing Women had been a recurring fixture within the earlier video games. Greatest identified for exhibiting off their dancing, Last Fantasy 4 takes this even additional by having a number of dancers inside the recreation; for the sake of comedic aid, these dancers even included a cross-dressing monk and a drunken dwarf.

However essentially the most well-known dancer in Last Fantasy 4 could be the Dancing Woman in Baron, who was affected by the false king Cagnazzo’s harsh rule together with the remainder of the townspeople. However as soon as Cagnazzo is defeated, Cecil can discuss to this lady and dance together with her, leading to a quite humorous cutscene of Cecil mimicking all of her dance strikes, even the extra suggestive ones.

5 The Third Combat In opposition to Gilgamesh (Last Fantasy 5)

The party facing off against Gilgamesh in Final Fantasy 5

Last Fantasy 5 is well-known for having essentially the most comedy within the collection, and nobody drives that time residence greater than the recurring warrior Gilgamesh. Gamers can first encounter Gilgamesh and his humor on the Large Bridge in Galuf’s World, however it’s his look at Citadel Exdeath during which Gilgamesh is at his funniest.

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After some witty, fourth-wall-breaking banter, Gilgamesh assumes his true kind and begins attacking the social gathering with what he believes is the legendary blade Excalibur. It’s at that second that the sword is definitely the legendary blade’s phony counterpart Excalipoor, which distresses Gilgamesh whilst he’s banished into the Interdimensional Rift by Exdeath.

4 Tidus And Yuna Chortle Collectively (Last Fantasy 10)

Tidus and Yuna laughing near Luca Stadium in Final Fantasy 10

Unsurprisingly, Last Fantasy 10‘s iconic laughing scene stays probably the most hilarious scenes within the collection. Because the occasions main as much as this scene had been much more critical, the following laughing scene serves as a pleasant and comical technique to lower the stress.

After Tidus returns to the social gathering, reeling upon discovering out that his father Jecht is Sin, Yuna makes an attempt to cheer him up by getting him to chortle, ensuing within the pair fake-laughing, a lot to one another’s amusement. The scene itself stays very awkward to this present day, however there’s something to be mentioned about how this scene alone is the primary to return up at any time when the funniest moments in Last Fantasy are the subject.

3 Aerith’s Lethal Chair (Last Fantasy 7 Remake)

Aerith attacking one of Don Corneo's underlings with a chair in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Whereas the Don Corneo occasions had been humorous within the unique Last Fantasy 7, the remake utterly revamps all the quest. It provides new occasions to spruce it up, as proven when Tifa and Aerith are left with Don Corneo’s lackeys after Cloud is chosen as his bride for the night time. It does not take lengthy for a brawl to erupt, the largest spotlight being Aerith fortunately slapping one of many lackeys with a metallic chair.

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The second grew to become a fan favourite almost instantaneously, with many even going so far as to make memes of Aerith collaborating in a WWE match! For sure, any shady characters higher assume twice earlier than messing with Aerith, as she will clearly depend on extra than simply her Guard Stick and magic.

2 Lightning And Mog Reunite (Lightning Returns: Last Fantasy 13)

Lightning holding back an annoyed Mog in the Moogle Village in Lightning Returns Final Fantasy 13

After discovering the Moogle Village and defending it from invading monsters, Lightning acknowledges Mog because the village chief and goes to talk to him about her sister Serah’s potential revival. Mog, guilt-ridden because of Serah’s demise, is unable to face Lightning at first, however he later turns into ecstatic when Lightning asks him to bear witness to Serah’s revival.

Mog’s pleasure turns into short-lived, nevertheless, as he’s rapidly flicked away by Lightning when he goes to hug her, a lot to his annoyance. This scene actually makes Lightning appear to be a bully, although she leaves Mog with some phrases of encouragement regardless of his infantile protests.

1 Vivi And Quina Get Married (Last Fantasy 9)

Vivi and Quina get married in Condo Petie in Final Fantasy 9

Whereas trying to find Kuja within the Outer Continent, Zidane and his social gathering had been held up at Conde Petie, the place the dwarves forbade anybody besides married {couples} from going to the Sanctuary. Luckily, Zidane managed to get permission to go to the Sanctuary by marrying Dagger, an event that’s presided over by the dwarven Father David Heavenguard.

However afterward, in an optionally available scene, it’s revealed that Vivi and Quina additionally obtained married to entry the Sanctuary. Although the marriage is merely a sham to get by way of Apartment Petie, Quina’s dedication to their function coupled with Vivi’s nervous disposition makes this scene a giggle-inducing gem that should be skilled.

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