10 Finest Sam Riegel Moments

Each member of Crucial Position‘s forged is a gifted veteran performer and voice actor with years of Dungeons & Dragons expertise underneath their belt. They’ve all produced memorable and beloved moments over time. Sam Riegel, specifically, has stood out from the remainder along with his persistently compelling characters and behavior of taking part in the lengthy recreation.

Sam Riegel has made Crucial Position followers giggle, cry, and all the things in between all through three campaigns. He has many celebrated moments within the fandom, starting from his fight techniques to his storytelling selections to his promoting methods for Crucial Position‘s sponsors.

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10 The Love Potion Prank

Marketing campaign 1, Episode 109, ‘The Ominous March’

Sam Riegel is considered one of Crucial Position’s funniest forged members in terms of his reactions and elevating numerous eventualities. He does not provoke the scene within the first Crucial Position marketing campaign the place Vax’ildan and Grog Strongjaw dose Scanlan Shorthalt with a love potion — Nonetheless, Riegel rolls with it to create one of the beloved escapades of a prank-filled marketing campaign.

Sam Riegel reveals off his comedian sensibilities as Scanlan falls hopelessly in love with Percy de Rolo. Riegel goes above and past the humorous premise by taking part in the second to the hilt, even exploiting the reside present setting for bodily comedy. A number of individuals assist make the second, however Sam’s contributions and willingness to roll with the idea are very important.

9 Reenacting The Start

Marketing campaign 2, Episode 26, ‘Discovered and Misplaced’

Except for his participant duties, Sam Riegel additionally presents Crucial Position‘s sponsored advertisements. These are a collection of more and more summary and weird skits with little relevance to the nice or service the present is promoting. One beloved second of Crucial Position promoting comes when Sam reenacts the then-recent start of Laura Bailey and Travis Willingham’s youngster.

Riegel’s personal performing contributions are entertaining, with him taking a number of potshots at his co-star Travis. Nonetheless, he helps the second extra by means of his writing and casting. Riegel builds the skit’s comedy till DM Matthew Mercer has to behave as a new child youngster saying “Mom, I convey information from the womb,” to normal mirth.

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8 Scanlan Leaving The Get together

Marketing campaign 1, Episode 84, ‘A Bard’s Lament’

Sam Riegel usually performs Crucial Position‘s most notorious comedian reduction characters. On the identical time, he is constructed up a well-earned repute for emotional intestine punches by means of his storytelling selections. One among these earliest tragic moments is available in Crucial Position‘s first marketing campaign when Scanlan Shorthalt leaves the celebration.

For many of Crucial Position‘s Vox Machina story, Scanlan is a determine of enjoyable who takes a again seat to different characters’ tales. He lastly snaps over this, blasting the remainder of the group for not caring about him. Via his efficiency and selections alone, Riegel reduces his forged members from amusement and laughter to outright tears.

7 Loquatius Seelie’s Last Broadcast

Exandria Limitless: Calamity, Episode 4, ‘Hearth and Spoil’

Loquatius Seelie, Sam Riegel’s character within the Exandria Limitless: Calamity spin-off, is one other character who appears initially comedic. He is a melodramatic newsreader and presenter who mixes essential bulletins with comedic ads. Nonetheless, he greater than reveals his mettle when push involves shove.

Loquatius refuses to broadcast a message compelling Avalir’s residents to stay the place they’re to assist the town. As an alternative, he pretends to go together with his orders earlier than delivering a speech each rallying the residents and urging them to flee. It is each poignant and extremely stirring, capped off with an sudden burst of comedy as Seelie delivers one final commercial.

6 Taryon Darington’s Flashcards

Marketing campaign 1, Episode 89, ‘Curious Tides’

Sam Riegel’s second character in Crucial Position‘s first marketing campaign is an obnoxious and self-absorbed inventor named Taryon Darington. He is initially at odds with the remainder of Vox Machina, not least attributable to his ego. Pike Trickfoot, Vox Machina’s cleric in Crucial Position, ultimately sits him all the way down to power him to get to know the celebration higher, together with their names.

The scene is considered one of Crucial Position‘s most infamous for the back-and-forth comedy between Riegel, DM Matthew Mercer, and Pike’s participant Ashley Johnson. All three construct on a probably mundane premise to make an unforgettable second of comedy with each revelation and line of witty dialogue that comes.

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5 The Tree Race

Marketing campaign 2, Episode 73, ‘Udothurn’

Lots of Crucial Position‘s most tense moments are vicious combats or very important talent rolls with lives hanging within the stability. In Crucial Position‘s second marketing campaign, Riegel and fellow forged member Marisha Ray create stress by having their characters Nott the Courageous and Beauregard Lionett race to climb a tall tree.

Like lots of Riegel’s finest moments in Crucial Position, he performs this pretty unusual second to the hilt with immense competitiveness. The gamers bust out all potential stops on a pointless competitors, culminating with Nott capturing Beauregard within the buttocks with a handgun.

4 Scanlan Shorthalt’s Triceratops Raid

Marketing campaign 1, Episode 31, ‘Gunpowder Plot’

Scanlan Shorthalt is a D&D 5e School of Lore bard, a category and subclass not identified for his or her fight prowess. The complete celebration is skeptical when Sam insists Scanlan can raid a guarded mansion by himself whereas the remainder of Vox Machina assault one other. Nonetheless, Riegel manages to tug it off in a few of Crucial Position‘s finest tactical gameplay that is full to the brim with laughs.

Scanlan lacks the martial abilities for a traditional assault. As an alternative, he drinks a potion of fireside respiratory and turns himself right into a triceratops. The result’s numerous hearth and a dinosaur laying waste to Lord Vedmire’s mansion. It is considered one of Crucial Position‘s most beloved battles, all of the extra stunning for less than that includes one celebration member.

3 Nott’s Backstory Reveal

Marketing campaign 2, Episode 49, ‘A Sport of Names’

Nott the Courageous lengthy hints at a extra tragic backstory in Crucial Position‘s second marketing campaign, much more overtly than different characters. It nonetheless catches each the forged and the viewers off-guard when Sam Riegel lastly reveals it. After spending all the marketing campaign as a humorous and melodramatic goblin, he depicts a extra severe facet with heartbreaking gravitas.

Nott describes her earlier life because the halfling lady Veth Brenatto, after which her try to guard her household from goblin raiders. The story of compelled reincarnation and self-loathing is considered one of Crucial Position‘s most uncooked backstories, delivered completely. The second when Riegel reveals why her goblin alias is ‘Nott’ is well known as an emotional punch by the fanbase.

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2 Recent Lower Grass The Murderbot

Marketing campaign 3, Episode 31, ‘Breaking Level’

Recent Lower Grass, Riegel’s character in Crucial Position Marketing campaign Three, is one other character with rather more than it seems underneath the floor. They current themselves as a mild-mannered and barely quirky robotic cleric. Nonetheless, they’ve a murderous facet beneath that reveals itself underneath sufficient pressure.

Crucial Position‘s forged first sees this facet of Recent Lower Grass within the Marketing campaign Three episode ‘Breaking Level.’ They assault Chetney whereas hissing hateful phrases at him, Imogen, and Laudna. Riegel’s performing abilities present in his potential to all of a sudden pull an about-face, particularly with exact insults that focus on Recent Lower Grass’ companions’ weakest factors.

1 Counterspelling Vecna

Marketing campaign 1, Episode 114, ‘Vecna, The Ascended’

Sam Riegel usually jokes that he barely is aware of how one can play D&D and does not know what he is doing. Nonetheless, he is chargeable for a number of the collection’ most spectacular tactical performs. One among these comes within the remaining battle of Crucial Position‘s first marketing campaign as Vox Machina fights Vecna to forestall him from turning into a full god.

Scanlan Shorthalt spends a lot of the combat operating assist and contributing to their general victory. Nonetheless, he additionally expends loads of spell slots Counterspelling Vecna’s worst and most game-changing spells. He proves so efficient that Vecna expresses real irritation with him, uniquely amongst Crucial Position‘s forged.

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