The Funniest Barbie Jokes!

A Barbie joke extravaganza! We’ve put collectively a group of one of the best Barbie jokes.

These playful and light-hearted Barbie jokes are certain to make you’re feeling plastic unbelievable.

Funny one liner Barbie joke about Kardashians

Why aren’t Barbie dolls product of plastic anymore?

As a result of the Kardashian’s have used all of it up.

Did you hear concerning the model new Divorce Barbie from Mattel?

It comes with all of Ken’s equipment.

Barbie has been selling unrealistic expectations of feminine our bodies.

Girls’s heads are literally way more troublesome to place again on in actual life.

What do you name a line of individuals ready outdoors the toy retailer to purchase Barbie dolls?

A Barbieque

Did you hear concerning the Barbie that was wonderful at swimming?

She was doll fin.

Did you hear about Ken’s brother that solely had one arm?

He was often known as Bro Ken.

Why does Barbie look so good regardless of being 63 years outdated?

Cosmetic surgery.

What kind of cue does Barbie use when she performs pool?

A Barbiecue.

I could not consider the road on the cinema to see the brand new Barbie movie!

Largest Barbie queue I’ve ever seen.

Did you hear concerning the new military Barbie?

She specialises in plastic explosives.

I bought my daughter some Barbie dolls dressed like they’re from the 1600’s, however one thing is unsuitable with considered one of them.

I feel he’s baroque Ken.

I used to be wanting ahead to watching Margot Robbie in her new movie however I ended up getting a burger as a substitute.

It seems I used to be within the unsuitable Barbie queue.

What sort of animal is Barbie?

A rooster, as a result of she is the chick of Ken.

Funny Barbie joke about Australia

Why did Barbie go to a yoga retreat in Australia?

She heard about all of the Ken gurus.

My son stated that Barbies aren’t for boys.

I instructed him “they Ken be”.

Barbie and Ken are frequently arguing over who will empty the dishwasher.

In the future Ken says “Barbie, I’ve unloaded the dishwasher day by day this week, are you able to PLEASE do it this as soon as?”

Barbie replies “No Ken do”.

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