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&^%$^^$£”$! Virus
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Sorry for the shortage of posts, my Lap High has caught a chilly. The little blighter took over and would not let me get into my very own bloomin information!

My laptop computer acquired a virus
I used to be shocked that it may
I attempted to present paracetamol
However it did it no good

I poured in hen soup
It really works with my chilly
However it simply began fizzing
And the keyboard developed mould

I caught within the bathtub
All soapy good and scorching
However it didn’t appear to love that
Oh it actually didn’t.

And now its slumbering
It does not wish to stir
I believe I’ve killed the hardrive
Because it now not makes a whir

I am going to must get some software program
to inoculate it higher
And ensure it stays dry
and by no means will get wetter.

I hope I have never killed
my little robotic mate
It the virus I did not like
and people hackers that I hate !

TOP 10 Worse Laptop Viruses of ALL Time 

In 1998 Robert Morris, a college scholar, unleashed a worm which affected 10 per cent of all of the computer systems linked to the web (on the time the web was estimated to encompass 60,000 computer systems), slowing them right down to a halt. Morris is now an affiliate professor at MIT.

The Idea virus, unintentionally shipped on a CD-ROM provided by Microsoft in 1995, was the primary virus to contaminate Microsoft Phrase paperwork. Inside days it turned probably the most widespread virus the world had ever seen, profiting from the truth that pc customers shared paperwork through electronic mail.

3. CIH

The Chernobyl virus (often known as CIH) triggers on April 26 annually, the anniversary of the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe. It overwrites a chip inside PCs successfully paralysing your entire pc. Its writer, Chen Ing Hau, was caught by the authorities in Taiwan.

4. The Anna Kournikova worm

The Anna Kournikova worm posed as an image of the tennis participant, however was in truth a virus written by Jan de Wit, an obsessed admirer from the Netherlands. He ended up receiving a group service sentence.


The Love Bug flooded web customers with ILOVEYOU messages in Might 2000, forwarding itself to all people within the person’s handle guide. It was designed to steal web entry passwords for its Filipino creator.

6. The Melissa virus

The Melissa virus, written by David L Smith in homage to a Florida stripper, was the primary profitable email-aware virus and inserted a quote from The Simpsons in to Phrase paperwork. Smith was later sentenced to jail for inflicting over $80 million price of injury.

7. The Blaster Worm

The Blaster worm launched a denial of service assault in opposition to Microsoft’s web site in 2003, and contaminated hundreds of thousands of computer systems all over the world by exploiting a safety gap in Microsoft’s software program. Its writer has by no means been discovered.

8. Netsky and Sasser

Sven Jaschan, a German teenager, was discovered responsible of writing the Netsky and Sasser worms. Jaschan was discovered to be answerable for 70 per cent of all of the malware seen spreading over the web on the time, however escaped jail and was finally employed by a safety firm as an “moral hacker”.

9. OSX/RSPlug Trojan

In November 2007, the primary instance of financially-motivated malware for Apple Macs was found within the wild. The launch of the OSX/RSPlug Trojan elevated fears that Apple’s platform could also be focused extra by hackers sooner or later.

10. Storm worm

The Storm worm, initially posing as breaking information of unhealthy climate hitting Europe, contaminated computer systems all over the world in 2007. Tens of millions of contaminated PCs have been taken over by hackers and used to unfold spam and steal identities.

Random Joke of the Day

Amnesia Membership is sensible. You may speak about all of it you want.

That is Amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazing !

There are extra micro organism in your mouth than they’re folks on the planet !

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