Worf’s gloriously bizarre courting recommendation, Star Trek’s greatest operating gag

Worf is secretly Star Trek’s most comedic character.

Star Trek requires a wierd quantity of versatility from its actors. Though it’s a drama, a few of its comedic moments are legendary. Even Star Trek’s most melodramatic thespians must have the comedian timing and appeal wanted to drag off a punchline. Nobody from the franchise embodied this duality greater than Star Trek: The Subsequent Technology’s steely Klingon safety officer Worf, performed by Michael Dorn.

The Klingon was TNG’s most critical character, and solely bought extra critical when he transferred to Deep House 9. But he had all of 90s Trek’s funniest traces, which it was unbelievable to see reprised on Star Trek: Picard, in what was presumably the sequence’ funniest moments.

First, there was the Star Trek: The Subsequent Technology season two episode “The Dauphin,” which I consider exists solely in order that we are able to see annoying wunderkind Wesley Crusher get disturbingly anatomical courting recommendation from Knowledge, and a flirting lesson from Riker and Guinan that’s so steamy they overlook he’s there.

However the scene with Worf is the true standout…

Worf: “…That’s how a Klingon lures a mate.”
Wesley Crusher: “Are you telling me to yell at Salia?”
W: “No, no, no. Males don’t roar. Ladies roar. Then they hurl heavy objects. And claw at you.”
WC: “What does the person do?”
W: “He reads love poetry. He geese loads.”
WC: “Worf, it feels like it really works nice for the Klingons, however…I believe I have to attempt one thing rather less…harmful?”
W: “Go to her door, beg like a human.”

The woman Wesley is crushing on seems to be a monster, or a diplomat, or one thing… the story shouldn’t be the purpose of the episode. The purpose is everybody getting bizarre about Wesley and his crush. Nevertheless it’s the shade that Worf throws at Wesley for his wussy human ways in which makes all of it worthwhile.

In Transfigurations, Worf’s recommendation to Geordi is definitely vital to the story, type of, possibly. The enterprise encounters an alien fugitive with no reminiscence and mysterious therapeutic powers. He fixes Chief O’Brien’s dislocated shoulder, brings Worf again to life after by chance killing him, and makes Geordi good at flirting.

That final half isn’t spelled out, as a result of it doesn’t actually make sense. I believe it was a leftover from an earlier draft of the story the place the alien John Doe’s powers had been much less particularly outlined. They most likely left it in as a result of it necessitated a scene establishing that Geordi was unhealthy at flirting, and that scene got here out excellent.

Worf: “It’s essential to let her see the fireplace in your eyes.”

Geordi: “However what would I say?!”

W: “Phrases come later. It’s the scent that first speaks of affection.”

G: “Thanks… That helps loads.”

He actually wasn’t kidding concerning the love poetry, was he?

That first line is priceless as a result of bear in mind, Geordi’s eyes will not be seen.

When Geordi’s crush approaches them, we really feel Worf’s ache as he bears witness to an excruciating jiffy of non-flirting. Geordi’s awkwardness can be unwatchable if it weren’t for pictures of Worf reacting, like an angrier model of Jim from The Workplace.

“I’ve a lot to show you about girls,” Worf concludes. It’s a line meant to painting him as a bit clueless, however even the worst recommendation can be an enchancment on no matter it was that Geordi was doing.

Worf solely bought funnier as he grew to become extra critical.

Star Trek: Deep House 9 gave us a extra comedic Worf, comedy mined from his seriousness. Snicker traces from somebody so steely and solemn are one of many highest types of comedy. This carried over into Star Trek: Picard, the place Worf had all of the funniest moments.

In Picard’s primary funniest second, after a lethal weapon was stolen from a Starfleet Intelligence black web site, our heroes needed to break into the location, to retrieve a manifest and decide what was stolen. Becoming a member of Worf on the mission are awkward former lovers Seven Of 9 and Raffi Musiker, earlier than Seven adjustments her thoughts on the final minute…

Worf: “I’ve gone into battle with lovers numerous occasions. It may be therapeutic…”

Seven: “I’m not going.”

W: “That could be a reduction. I used to be practising deceit. Breakups on my homeworld seldom finish with out bloodshed.”

I suppose that is extra like non-advice, as he readily admits he doesn’t consider what he’s saying. However what’s so humorous is the maladroit candor with which he admitted he was speaking full baloney. Michael Dorn’s monotone supply elevates the entire thing to the heights of deadpan comedy.

I’ve stated earlier than that Worf is strongly coded as being neurodivergent, and this type of tactless honesty is a certain signal of neurodivergence.

Maybe he was belatedly taking Garak’s recommendation that “mendacity is a talent identical to another, and if you wish to keep a stage of excellence, you have to observe consistently.”

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