The Christian Propaganda Film That is So Unhealthy It is Good

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  • If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? is a hilarious but unintentionally humorous movie that exaggerates the specter of a Communist invasion in a hyperbolic method.
  • Directed by Ron Ormond, an exploitation filmmaker turned born-again Christian, the film combines his schlocky type with a give attention to Christian movies.
  • The movie contains graphic violence, sexual content material, and guilt-tripping, however its enhancing and unintentional humor give it a creative advantage regardless of its disturbing components.

You’ve heard of Reefer Insanity, the Christian propaganda film that contends that smoking weed will trigger one to go on a violent mass-murdering spree, however you in all probability haven’t heard of If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do? which mainly channels the sensibilities of Reefer Insanity filtered by means of a cocktail of steroids and Chilly Battle fearmongering to turn out to be one of the crucial insane movies you’ll ever see. Naturally, that additionally makes it one of the crucial unintentionally hilarious motion pictures ever made. Launched in 1971, If Footmen Tire You relies on the sermon of the identical title by Minister Estus W. Pirkle of the Southern Baptist Conference.

Operating at a crisp 52 minutes, the movie describes in hyperbolic element the specter of a Communist invasion however finally ends up coming throughout as much less like The Battle Recreation and extra like a Household Man sketch. However simply because one thing is unintentionally hilarious doesn’t imply it’s with out creative advantage. In any case, as a piece of enhancing, the movie does impress, chopping between Pirkle’s sermon with the conversion of a “sinning” girl within the viewers and dramatic (very, very dramatic) enactments of the supposed impending Communist takeover. This after all contains occupying troopers with hilariously faux Russian and South American accents. Should you ever thought you wanted to listen to an unprofessional actor in an inexpensive Russian uniform shout “Good morning, comrade pastor” in a hilariously pressured style, that is the film for you.

The Movie Was Made By an Exploitation Filmmaker After He Discovered Christ

If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?
Picture through The Ormond Group

It’s a narrative simply as robust (although not fairly as humorous) because the movie itself. If Footmen Tire You was directed by exploitation filmmaker Ron Ormond, whose credit embody the likes of 1953’s The Mesa of Misplaced Girls and 1968’s The Unique Ones. The previous is about mutant spiders preventing regenerative super-women whereas the latter is a few monster that breaks free in a strip membership and begins slaughtering its employees and prospects alike. One would assume that Pirkle himself would have an issue with Ormond’s historical past, however in 1967 Ormond survived a aircraft crash. This was a wake-up name for him, inflicting him to desert exploitation footage, turn out to be a born-again Christian, and give attention to the Lord’s work.

Nonetheless, what makes If Footmen Tire You such a delight is that Ormond clearly couldn’t run from the place he comes from for very lengthy. Each certainly one of his sensibilities as an exploitation director in the course of the style’s schlockiest period is quickly obvious in each body of the movie, and that features a drastic disregard for the viewers’s consolation in favor of creating his level. Blood, guts, and the specter of sexual violence run all through this function simply as a lot as they do in Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse, however Ormond is simply swapping his midnight film viewers for a Sunday mass one. These two sides of the identical coin complement one another extra neatly than you’d assume.

If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?
Picture through The Ormond Group

A correct set off warning is to ensure that this one as Ormond and Pirkle pull no punches in terms of their view of the approaching risk of Communism. Take into account a few of their statistics (the accuracy of which is disputable, to say the least), as preached by Pirkle: in Korea, he claims, the communists killed 3,000,000 Christians. In Russia, 20,000,000. In China, 50,000,000. And within the U.S.? Their plan is to homicide 67,000,000 Christians. That’s an oddly particular quantity that just about sounds just like the Communists are elevating their funds for a sequel of a slaughter. The movie then cuts to the aftermath of a bloodbath, the place a number of good Christian kids lie lifeless on the ground (all white, dressed of their greatest Sunday garments) with their throats slit (with among the most hilarious faux blood you’ve seen since The Tougher They Come). One even clutches onto a blood-soaked Bible which (and this is likely one of the most genuinely scary issues concerning the movie) Pirkle insists that it is best to by no means stray from, even beneath the specter of loss of life.

There are a number of cases on this movie during which the faux Communists try and pressure kids into renouncing Jesus beneath the promise that in the event that they do, they’ll set them free. Do not forget that second in Martin Scorsese’s Silence when Andrew Garfield contemplates stepping on the picture of Jesus so as to save the lives of the individuals tortured inside eyeshot? Nicely at that second, even when he was a Seventeenth-century priest, he hears the voice of Jesus and decides to finish the struggling of these round him. In Pirkle’s world, nevertheless, God isn’t all that forgiving. There’s a toddler who, beneath the specter of decapitation from the native Commissar (Cecil Scaife), valiantly proclaims, “Jesus, in the future you died for me, now I’m prepared to die for you.” Then his head will get minimize off. It is a movie that was proven to households in church.

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Picture through The Ormond Group

We’ve mentioned the movie’s insistence on by no means vocally abandoning Jesus, even when it means simply saying so will save your loved ones from the specter of loss of life. What’s a little bit extra light-hearted and considerably much less wicked to snigger at is the movie’s view on intercourse. Abstinence after all, is anybody’s alternative and everybody’s responsibility to respect it, but when there’s one factor that everybody’s favourite teen sequence has to inform us, it’s that intercourse training in colleges is important. Pirkle’s interpretation nevertheless of what precisely is being taught, appears barely flawed. Pirkle discusses the hedonistic deviancy among the many youth within the 60s and 70s as a direct symptom of Communist meddling.

In one of many movie’s most hilarious moments, the digital camera cuts to a classroom led by a wavy-haired moustached man with a trippy shirt who says: “Girls and boys, as I’ve mentioned with you a lot instances earlier than, I personally consider that feminine intercourse is critical. And now, we’ll go on to debate the seven erotic zones of ardour in each girl.” Pirkle continues his campaign in opposition to the media, illustrating the way it serves as a distraction from the Bible and does nothing however encourage violence (although the photographs within the very movie he preaches inside are of considerably better violence than something to be discovered on public tv).

The movie does, nevertheless, function an emotional arc in some capability. A younger sinning girl (credited solely as Judy, performed by Judy Creech) within the aisles of the church is quietly received over by Pirkle’s sermon and ultimately repents, coming to Jesus in all His glory. That is after she after all hallucinates her lifeless mom’s voice as she vocalizes her want for her daughter to have discovered salvation earlier than her loss of life. It’s a fairly unhappy second, all issues thought-about, in the event you subtract the blatant fear-mongering and guilt-tripping inside each body, however any emotion is swiftly slapped again with laughs when the movie decides to fade to black on a close-up of Pirkle himself. As he calls upon his viewers to return to the altar, he repeats the phrases, “Will you come?” thrice, his voice step by step softening into whispers with each repetition. It actually doesn’t get any much less self-aware than this.

Whereas brimming with sufficient so-bad-it’s-good vitality to make Tommy Wiseau proud, the movie was a powerful success, reported by The Guardian within the article above to have screened at church buildings and church camps around the globe. Ormond and Pirkle didn’t cease there, rounding out a trilogy collectively that features The Burning Hell, a literal depiction of Hell that truly options Pirkle as a corpse coated in maggots (say what you’ll however identical to James Cameron on The Abyss, this man wasn’t going to ask his topics to do something he wouldn’t do himself), and The Believer, depicting the glory of Heaven. There was a time when these movies would have been troublesome to search out however luckily, neo-exploitation king Nicolas Winding Refn divinely resurrected all three in a restoration effort undertaken for his streaming service, It’s one of many many cases that present that ‘unhealthy’ motion pictures can encourage filmmakers and nourish their viewers simply as a lot as any masterpiece, prompting one to ponder if there’s actually any distinction in any respect.

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