‘He stole from the fallacious dude’: Man retaliates in opposition to a cellphone thief by signing him (and his associates) up for each spam website he might discover – FAIL Weblog

It is 2023, who nonetheless steals telephones? Again within the period when each iPhone 3 might be resold on the black marketplace for an up-charge and even the OG flip-phone Razr’s have been beneficial, it was a profitable enterprise, however now there are such a lot of safety measures to guard cellphone homeowners, it is a surprise that thieves are nonetheless motivated to sneak their arms into their fellow residents’s pockets. Maybe the worth is what we will discover on the telephones in the event that they’re jail damaged, however the pincher is that each one of those gadgets are earmarked by safety and simply traced. An old-fashioned cellphone thief appeared to neglect that element and watched his fast money seize flip completely poisonous, studying rapidly that he stole from the fallacious man. 

Right here at Failblog, we like to see the villainous thieves of the world get what they deserve, and on this thief’s case, he received a lifetime of spam emails/SMS texts from each rip-off group on the market.

Scroll for the complete account the place a savage man will get his cellphone stolen and tracks down the perps who stole from him, retaliating with unmatched vengeance. For extra tales of parents that used the system to their benefit, try this story of a man who scored a 14x the payout from the insurance coverage firm when his boat was broken in an accident– simply because they insisted he observe their guidelines. 

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