Futurama Season 11’s 10 Funniest Jokes, Ranked


  • Futurama’s third revival season was surprisingly constant and packed filled with implausible jokes, matching the standard of the earliest seasons’ writing.
  • The present’s distinctive humorousness ranges from absurd and foolish jokes to sensible references that require a science diploma to know.
  • The season included hilarious moments reminiscent of Zapp Brannigan’s unusual time markers, spoof TV present titles, and Fry’s unlucky dying with meatballs for eyes.

The primary season of Futurama‘s third revival has now concluded, and it was packed filled with implausible jokes. Regardless of some highs and lows, the season was surprisingly constant, and significantly better than many believed was attainable provided that the present was canceled over a decade in the past and had laid dormant ever since. Because of Hulu and the present TV panorama’s love of a revival sequence, the present was dusted off for one more 10 episodes, with an extra 10 on the best way in 2024.

Whereas undeniably the work of Matt Groening, Futurama has a singular humorousness, with some jokes being absurdist and foolish for the sake of it, and different Futurama jokes being so sensible that you simply want a science diploma to know them. Collection author, Patric M. Verrone has referred to as the present’s employees, “probably the most overeducated cartoon writers in historical past” resulting from them holding three Ph.D.s, seven grasp’s levels, and cumulatively greater than 50 years at Harvard between them. Maybe that is the key ingredient that makes Futurama so humorous. However regardless of the motive, the most recent batch of episodes matched the standard of the earliest seasons’ writing, delivering various nice one-liners.

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10 “The Superb Mechano Man? In Bother?!”

mechano (1)

Futurama season 11 fortunately retained the Professor’s knack for random non-sequiturs. A fan-favorite second within the authentic run is when Fry realizes that his fortunate seven-leaf clover would possibly nonetheless be underground within the ruins of previous New York, “serving to some ant defeat one other ant or serving to some piece of dust flip its luck round.” The Professor responds: “Filth would not want luck.” The same second occurs within the new episode, “Associated to Objects You’ve got Seen,” the place, upon listening to that Bender is in bother and must be rescued, the Professor shouts, “The wonderful mechano man? In bother?! To the ship!

9 Wild Turduckens Crave Dying

Episode 6 “I Know What You Did Subsequent Xmas”

futurama_fresh_turducken_by_mdwyer5_dg74nep-fullview (1)

“I Know What You Did Subsequent Xmas” reveals every of the Planet Specific crew’s household Xmas traditions. A working gag is that all of them eat some type of turducken (a hen stuffed inside a duck stuffed inside a turkey), with LeBarbara jerking the Conrad household turducken and the Professor going as far as to 3D print his. When audiences meet Leela’s household of mutants residing within the sewer, her grandmother reveals that the Leela household simply eat mutant turduckens that stay freely underground. Fry asks, “Are they laborious to catch?” to which she replies, “Oh, no, they crave dying,” earlier than lifting the lid on a pot and watching as a turducken hops straight inside.

8 “Captain’s Log. Stardate: Nationwide Donut Day”

Episode 8 “Zapp Will get Canceled”

Futurama season 11, episode 8

One other working gag is Zapp Brannigan’s continued use of unusual time markers when recording his captain’s log. Zapp is a parody of Star Trek‘s Captain Kirk, with Billy West explaining that the function is basically what would occur if William Shatner himself had been in control of the USS Enterprise as an alternative of the character he portrayed. In season 4, episode 11 “The place No Fan Has Gone Earlier than,” Zapp gave the stardate as, “The 12 months of the Tiger.” In his first look in season 1, episode 4 “Love’s Labours Misplaced in House,” Zapp makes an attempt to report a “captain’s journal,” earlier than Kif asks who he is speaking to. “Zapp Will get Canceled” continues the joke with Zapp giving the stardate as “Nationwide Donut Day.”

7 Spoof TV Titles

Episode 1 “The Unattainable Stream”

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Apart from merely having Futurama again, the most effective a part of the season premiere was the quite a few spoof TV present titles proven out there to stream. Whereas the viewers is proven clips of a few of these, with Futurama‘s Twilight Zone spoof, The Scary Door, being up to date as a parody of Black Mirror, now referred to as The Scary Mirror, many of the titles solely seem for a cut up second as a part of a TV information. It is value pausing the episode to catch titles like Frank Herber’s Title That Dune, Star Trek: The Authentic Reboot, Rick and Morky, Again to the Current, Fleaborg, Cosinefeld, Pals Reunion Reunion, and The Sims’ Sons.

6 “At Least You Obtained To Go Out With Dignity”

Episode 10 “All of the Manner Down”

dignity (1)

Futurama‘s considerate, nuanced, and poignant season finale was much less targeted on laughs than it was on plot, philosophy, and a Futurama universe-changing twist, however that does not imply it is lacking nice jokes. In it, Bender decides to sacrifice himself so as to save a simulated actuality, by sending his consciousness into his simulated self inside it. Bender has died in Futurama earlier than, however after shutting down his “actual” physique, Fry tells Bender, “At the very least you bought to exit with dignity,” at which level his lifeless physique drops over face-first right into a plate of spaghetti, leaving him with meatballs for eyes.

5 The Chosen One

Episode 4 “Parasites Regained”

blonde (1)

Futurama‘s parody of Dune takes repeated photographs on the tropes surrounding typical “chosen one” narratives. The primary is when the episode’s dung beetle characters clarify that, “The traditional prophecy speaks of a messiah.” Upon seeing Fry, the present’s common protagonist, one beetle asks, “Might he be the Kwiznos Cadillach?,” to which one other beetle replies “Nope,” instantly shutting down any notion that Fry could be a selected one, but once more. Even funnier is when it is revealed that Nibbler is the true chosen one, “as pictured within the historical scripture.” The beetle continues, “It reveals him with blonde hair and blue eyes, however the remainder is spot on.

4 “We Additionally Have Some Very Confused Werewolves”

Werewolves (1)

In “Associated to Objects You’ve got Seen,” Earth briefly finally ends up with what seems to be a second moon after the Planet Specific crew travels to the Momazon (the present’s equal of Amazon) warehouse, making an attempt to close down Mother’s operation. Unable to cease the nanotech from self-replicating and increasing to monumental dimension, Earth briefly finds itself with what seems to be a second moon. Studying the information, Morbo pronounces, “Except for devastating tidal waves brought on by the 2 full moons, we even have some very confused werewolves,” full with a information graphic illustrating the confused werewolf. It is at all times enjoyable when Futurama embraces legendary creatures reminiscent of Bigfoot and The Tooth Fairy in its universe, and this was no exception.

3 Zapp And Kif Attempt To Kill Every Different

Episode 7 “Rage In opposition to the Vaccine”

Kif-v-Zapp (1)

In “Rage In opposition to the Vaccine,” Earth is hit by an explovid pandemic. The principle symptom of the virus is that it makes folks irrationally offended. After utilizing a disinformation marketing campaign surrounding the virus to additional weaken Earth’s defenses, the Omicronians launch an invasion. The viewers is proven Zapp and Kif defending Earth as they man gun turrets aboard the Nimbus with the normally meek Kif yelling, “Die, you disgusting freak!” The digital camera then pulls out to disclose that Kif and Zapp are utterly ignoring the alien invaders to shoot at one another as an alternative. Zapp replies, “I simply hope I kill you earlier than these invaders do.” Kif lastly received his revenge on Zapp, later this season.

2 Fry And Bender Stroll Like A Dung Beetle

Episode 4 “Parasites Regained”

dung (1)

As soon as once more spoofing Dune, “Parasites Regained” incorporates a sequence the place the crew makes their means throughout a desert inhabited by worms. With a purpose to keep away from attracting the eye of the (comparatively) big creatures, Billgar, their information, explains that, “The worms are interested in the rhythmic sample of dung beetle footsteps,” earlier than including, “No matter you do, don’t stroll like a dung beetle.” The digital camera then pulls again to indicate Bender curled up into an enormous ball and Fry rolling him by way of the sand. It is such a foolish second of Fry managing to do the precise mistaken factor that it is troublesome to not chuckle.

1 Mrs. McGuillicutty’s Time Cat

Episode 6 “I Know What You Did Subsequent Xmas”

fut0806_107_1_2-0104-900x506 (1)

The Professor’s time machine was first launched in season 6, episode 7 “The Late Philip J. Fry,” the place it is defined that it could solely journey ahead in time. In “I Know What You Did Subsequent Xmas,” the Professor has efficiently modified it to have the ability to journey backward as properly. Parodying somebody carelessly reversing a automobile, the primary time the Professor makes an attempt to run the machine backward, the viewers hears the disembodied scream of a cat inflicting the Professor to shout, “Rattling it! I backed over Mrs. McGuillicuddy’s time cat!” It is precisely the type of surreal, vaguely scientific nonsense that makes Futurama so particular.

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