Unfair Meals


Dig in!

It’s the culinary delights that draw me to our native truthful every year.

Gyros.  Sausage sandwiches.  Funnel muffins.  Cheese curds.  Elephant ears.  All working collectively, churning my digestive tract worse than a experience on the Zipper.

Everybody has their very own, go-to, chow-down fav.

Mine simply occurs to be….the unassuming, corn canine.


The corn canine.   A flash of weiner knowledge.   The moist dream of frankfurter fantasy.


Want some napkins over right here!

Ahead food-thinkers pooled their creativity to unravel the timeless puzzle…”What can we do to enhance the new canine?”

     I do know, let’s take a sub-par canine…


     …Dip it in a corn-based batter…

     Sure, then what?

     …And we deep-fry the entire concoction!…

     Mmm, however received’t we burn our fingers?

     …No, as a result of we’ll put the canine on a stick.



The corn canine has been the best innovation to the weiner expertise since producers determined to promote sizzling canines in packs of ten…and buns in baggage of eight.

It has been the conundrum that has pissed off yard grillers for many years.

Some corn canine connoisseurs add a splash of mustard to their meal on a stick.  Others, ketchup.  However me?  I favor to raw-dog it.  Sans any condiments.  Bareback.  Simply corn.  And canine.

It’s my method of constructing positive I get absolutely the LEAST of dietary worth!

The truth is, it might be more healthy if I ate the wooden stick skewered via my tasty deal with.

Among the best components of the corn canine itself, is the crunchy batter fried to a tooth-chipping consistency on the base of the stick.

It undoubtedly blurs the road between the place the corn stops & the wooden begins!

Finish of the street, Jack.


I acquired my corndogs…two for $3.  So you realize I’m getting the most effective in high quality AND worth.

I devoured them in mere minutes.

In the meantime, my intestine flip-flops as if I simply acquired off the Tilt-A-Whirl.  Or on this case, the Tilt-A-Hurl.

It’s all unfair meals.

Take it from somebody who additionally enjoys sweet corn and circus peanuts.

Blissful eating truthful goers.





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