Vital Position: 10 Funniest Moments, Ranked

Vital Position‘s dramatic storytelling, epic fight, and excessive manufacturing values do not cease it from being as humorous and un-serious as some other Dungeons & Dragons marketing campaign. Its solid of seasoned voice actors is fast to show nearly any state of affairs comedic, capable of make jokes about even essentially the most dire D&D threats their celebration comes throughout.

Vital Position normally skews towards comedy, though the assorted campaigns are brimming with critical, dramatic character moments that come about seemingly on the drop of a hat. Consequently, most scenes embody some jokes or ridiculous occasions that stay on lengthy after the story has taken one other flip. A few of these stand out as a number of the funniest single moments of their marketing campaign and Vital Position as an entire.

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10 Spurt

Marketing campaign 2, Episode 50, ‘The Nice Burrows’

Certainly one of Vital Position‘s funniest episodes would not come about due to the principle solid. Official D&D author Chris Perkins seems on the present for the second time in two campaigns, enjoying Spurt the kobold inventor. Spurt appears constructed from the bottom as much as be memorable. He is naive, unintelligent, and vulnerable to hilarity with each line.

Spurt is a grasp of throwing even Vital Position‘s veteran actors with off-the-cuff feedback about his brother’s dying, his personal imminent mortality, and the state of affairs at massive. He caps off a ridiculous displaying by difficult a hearth large who kills him in a single hit. Spurt is certainly one of Vital Position‘s most beloved visitor characters for the immense quantity of guffaws he produces in a short while.

9 The Cannonball Contest

Marketing campaign 1, Episode 56, ‘Hope’

Even when Vital Position‘s story is at its direst, the gamers do not spend all of their time spouting doom and gloom. Vox Machina is especially adept at taking day off to refresh themselves and make the viewers snigger. Throughout Vital Position‘s devastating Chroma Conclave Arc, they interact in a cannonball contest in Scanlan Shorthalt’s Magnificent Mansion.

Vox Machina, veteran and revered adventurers, makes use of restricted sources and highly effective spells to create as huge splashes of water as doable. Scanlan makes use of a Thunderwave spell, Keyleth turns into an earth elemental, and Percy de Rolo throws himself into the pool with a kettle of explosive sodium. It is ridiculous, unusually epic, and certainly one of Vital Position‘s few moments the place the solid tells gamers to not attempt it at house.

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8 The Chair

Marketing campaign 2, Episode 48, ‘Homeward Certain’

Vital Position‘s The Mighty Nein are an unconventional and comedic celebration when in comparison with the extra heroic Vox Machina. The solid is not afraid to get foolish of their second marketing campaign and fortunately derail issues into comedic bits. Nonetheless, one of the memorable moments of Vital Position‘s second marketing campaign is totally natural and unintentional.

DM Matthew Mercer describes a devastated room with a wonderfully intact chair. The celebration instantly begins suspecting one thing is amiss with the chair and investigates it. What follows is a number of minutes of them interrogating Mercer in regards to the chair, regardless of the dearth of something suspicious. The characters use magic and delve into their previous trauma whereas Mercer is helpless to inform them something greater than “It is a chair.”

7 Scanlan Poisoning Trinket

Grog’s One-Shot

Grog’s One-Shot is a comedic episode of doubtful canonicity made after Vital Position‘s first marketing campaign. Travis Willingham DMs as Grog, who’s himself operating a D&D-like recreation within the Vital Position universe. This results in certainly one of Vital Position‘s largest moments of solid breaking as Scanlan poisons Trinket.

Visitor DM Travis Willingham has to attempt to communicate as Trinket. This results in an surprising voice that already has the solid guffawing. Nonetheless, as Trinket feedback on the poisoning, his explicit selection of phrases proves immensely comedic. Vital Position‘s solid spends over a minute laughing helplessly.

6 Chetney Pock O’Pea Vs. Dorian Storm

Marketing campaign 3, Episode 8, ‘A Woodworker’s Quandary’

Vital Position‘s characters aren’t any strangers to interparty battle. Nonetheless, there’s normally a superb purpose for it. When Chetney Pock O’Pea joins Bell’s Hells in Vital Position‘s third marketing campaign, he takes an instantaneous and intense dislike towards celebration member Dorian Storm. Given the real friendship between Travis Willingham and Storm’s participant Robbie Daymond, this manifests as comedic bickering.

Neither Chetney nor Dorian get to say or do a lot for the remainder of the episode with out the opposite taking some fault with it. Each actors get to show their comedic skills to the complete as their characters develop a wholly arbitrary rivalry. It is one of the entertaining character dynamics in Vital Position‘s third marketing campaign.

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5 Pike Teaches Taryon

Marketing campaign 1, Episode 89, ‘Curious Tides’

Vital Position‘s first marketing campaign takes a flip when Scanlan Shorthalt tragically leaves Vox Machina. In his place, Sam performs an boastful and egotistical artificer named Taryon Darrington. Taryon initially struggles with the group, not least on account of refusing to be taught their names. Pike Trickfoot intervenes by having Taryon’s robotic companion, Doty, draw portraits of Vox Machina with their names.

The scene is a masterpiece of improvisational comedy as Mercer, Sam Riegel, and Ashley Johnson wring each doable ounce of comedy from the state of affairs. From the portraits’ surprising content material to Taryon’s questions for Pike to pretty apparent crude jokes, it is one of the fondly remembered moments of the primary Vital Position marketing campaign.

4 Unintentional Piracy

Marketing campaign 2, Episode 35, ‘Dockside Diplomacy’

A few of Vital Position‘s funniest moments are extra ridiculous on a conceptual degree fairly than being intentionally comedic. The Vital Position marketing campaign two episode ‘Dockside Diplomacy’ falls into this class. A mission to speak to anyone on the docks turns into an epic battle because the Mighty Nein dispatches a ship’s crew and commandeers it out of the harbor.

At no level do the Vital Position solid really determine to have interaction in piracy — they by accident fall into it via a sequence of unlucky occasions. All of the gamers are visibly thrown by the sequence of occasions, as is DM Matt Mercer. Regardless of the reluctance on everyone’s half, the Mighty Nein steal a ship and turn out to be pirates completely by chance.

3 Scanlan’s Love Potion

Marketing campaign 1, Episode 109, ‘The Ominous March’

Vox Machina’s penchant for pranking returns throughout Vital Position‘s Cult of Vecna arc, one of many darkest and most harmful ever within the present. Throughout a stay episode, Vax’ildan and Grog Strongjaw work collectively to prank Scanlan Shorthalt with a love potion in his meals. An opportunity roll of the cube has Scanlan turn out to be obsessively infatuated with Percy.

Each solid member performs up the comedy of the state of affairs. Issues escalate till Scanlan turns into certain and gagged having tried to sneak into Percy and Vex’ahlia’s bed room. The solid even makes use of the stay present setting to have interaction in bodily comedy and assist promote the second. It is one of the notorious moments in Vital Position for a way a lot the solid lives as much as its potential.

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2 Sam Re-Enacts The Start

Marketing campaign 2, Episode 26, ‘Discovered and Misplaced’

Not all of Vital Position‘s funniest moments occur within the recreation itself. Sam Riegel opens every Marketing campaign 2 Vital Position episode with an off-kilter advert learn for his or her sponsors, most frequently D&D Past. In ‘Discovered and Misplaced,’ Sam dramatizes the current delivery of Laura Bailey’s son Ronin in a radio play.

As with the most effective Vital Position advert reads, Sam ropes the opposite solid members in. Marisha Ray performs Laura Bailey in a approach no different human being would assume to, whereas Matthew Mercer provides the child a heroic deadpan as he advertises D&D Past‘s new content material. Like a lot of Sam’s ads, this one lives on in Vital Position infamy.

1 The Goldfish

Marketing campaign 1, Episode 97, ‘Taryon, My Wayward Son’

All of Vox Machina die no less than as soon as within the first marketing campaign of Vital Position. That is normally a tense, heart-rending second for the solid. Not so with Keyleth’s dying. She swan-dives off a cliff to avoid wasting time climbing down it, solely to comprehend that she’s on a collision course with the rocks at its base. In a flash of inspiration, Keyleth transforms right into a goldfish to attempt to hit the water.

The Vital Position solid can not include themselves as this selection predictably results in Keyleth’s dying, with even Matthew Mercer breaking at one level. This second rapidly turned certainly one of Vital Position‘s most iconic memes, solidified with Marisha Ray’s assured declaration of the now immortal phrases: “It is high quality, we’re gods.”

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