10 Finest Peanuts Comics Starring Pig-Pen

Pig Pen, and his accompanying cloud of mud, are a beloved a part of the Peanuts solid. He’s a long-lasting character who has seen ups and downs all through the strip, attributable to years lengthy absences. Though many are accustomed to Pig Pen’s dirtiness, there are literally a number of qualities of the character that make him extra than simply the buddy with poor hygiene – from his willpower to turn out to be class president to his love of mud pies.

Charlies Schultz himself was not proof against the Pig Pen dislike, feeling stifled by the boundaries of what he thought-about a one-note character. At one level Schultz, regretted the character a lot that Pig Pen didn’t seem for eight lengthy years. Whereas Pig Pen might not have been Charlies Schultz’s favourite character, he is without doubt one of the most recognizable Peanuts children, and had some stand-out humorous moments over time.

10 “Pig Pen – Origin Story”

pigpen first appearance

The origins of Pig Pen are explored on this introductory Peanuts strip. When Patty meets Pig Pen for the very first time, she asks the little man what his title is. He hesitates, noting that he is normally referred to as imply issues, till he lastly reveals what most individuals name him: Pig Pen. No different title has really ever been given for Pig Pen, first or final, so whereas this title will not be the sweetest nickname, it is all audiences need to go off of. In all equity, Pig Pen shares accountability in his nickname, taking pleasure in his filthy, soiled look.

9 “Class President”

president pig pen

Most individuals can agree that politicians usually are not famend for his or her excessive morality; this Peanuts strip pokes enjoyable on the widespread popularity, utilizing Pig Pen as its politician. Regardless of a classmate bemoaning Pig Pen as a category president choice, as a result of he is a multitude and has no dignity, he finally ends up successful the election. This was a uncommon foray into politics for Peanuts, which usually depicted an apolitical worldview. It’s comprehensible provided that youngsters, a beagle, and a fowl are the fundamental characters of the Peanuts strip, and all these populations usually are not identified for his or her love of politics by any stretch of the creativeness. Effectively, possibly Snoopy, however being a beagle prevents him from participating in any kind of democratic course of.

8 “The place Did He Go?”

pig pen dust cloud

A cloud of mud is one in every of Pig Pen’s largest emblems. He even has an affectionate title for his mud cloud, “the mud of historic civilizations.” He calls it that as a result of Charlie Brown comforted him as soon as, saying that the grime on Pig Pen comes from the mud of far-off locations and occasions, with all of it selecting him. Many dislike Pig Pen’s lack of hygiene. Nonetheless, for Peppermint Patty, it is simply one more reason to like him. She has a significant crush on Pig Pen, and dances with him at a faculty dance. She may be very impressed by Pig Pen chopping a rug. Nonetheless, he dances up a storm of mud, and ultimately disappears into his grime cloud.

7 “Some Hope For Him After All”

pig pen half clean

Patty is just not at all times the nicest to Pig Pen, steadily making enjoyable of his dirtiness alongside Violet. As evidenced by this strip, Patty has had sufficient of Pig Pen’s uncleanliness and is resolved to provide him an excellent scrubbing. To her shock, she thinks he has already washed up, seeing him clear. The factor is, it is solely half of him that is clear. Who is aware of how or why solely half of him is clear, and the opposite half is similar, previous soiled Pig Pen everybody has come to know and love. No matter how he acquired that manner, it gave Pig Pen a break from Patty’s verbal jabs about his look, for as soon as.

6 “Cleanliness Is Subsequent To Unimaginable”

peanuts pig pen comic

Pig Pen is understood for one defining trait: being filthy. He’s so soiled that he’s endlessly marked by grime smudges and dirt clouds. The only a few occasions that Pig Pen is even fractionally clear, he manages to get soiled once more in a blink of an eye fixed. It’s this predicament that results in Pig Pen’s response when Charlie Brown suggests the previous adage, “cleanliness is subsequent to godliness.” For the perennially grubby character, it’s a miraculous feat for him to get clear. Charlie Brown would have higher luck getting Snoopy to hearken to him than getting Pig Pen to be clear for any longstanding period of time.

5 “Mud Of Numerous Ages”


Charlie Brown could also be a stick within the mud, however that does not imply he likes grime. In truth, he was typically seen getting pissed off with Pig Pen for his griminess within the earlier days of Pig Pen. For instance, on this strip, Pig Pen’s cruddy look has acquired Charlie Brown on the finish of his rope. Fortunately, Pig Pen’s delusional means to suppose he has the mud of historic civilizations on him helps to keep at bay any damage emotions he would have from such scolding. Whereas this strip confirmed Charlie at odds with Pig Pen, because the years went on, Charlie grew to become way more tolerant of him. He’s one in every of choose few Peanuts characters who settle for Pig Pen for who he’s, grime and all, with the pair ultimately turning into superb mates.

4 “Good To Be Free Once more”

Pig Pen Peanuts

It is not a thriller as to why nobody would wish to hug the crusty, muddy Pig Pen. But, Pig Pen can not help however need some hugs himself after seeing the lovely Snoopy obtain a loving embrace. Because of this, Pig Pen is advised that if he will get clear he’ll possibly get a hug. He ought to have paid consideration to the “possibly” half, as a result of the aforementioned hug by no means got here to be even, after the child scrubbed and scrubbed. One to roll with the punches, Pig Pen accepts this and wasted no time in getting filthy once more. Himself once more after he has reapplied the grime and muck again onto him, he feels free as soon as extra. Being caked in grime is just not everybody’s concept of freedom, however to every their very own.

3 “Even Germs Get Drained”

pig pen and lucy peanuts strip

Pig Pen at occasions might be identified for twisting what individuals mentioned to suit his personal distinctive standpoint. When somebody berates him that his lack of hygiene may imply he’s spreading germs and illness to everybody, he places his personal spin on the time period “carrying germs.” As in, bodily carrying, like somebody would carry a bag of groceries or give a piggyback trip. This time period causes Pig Pen to see his germ service standing as admirable. In his thoughts, he is serving to out all these germs and transporting them the place they should go after they’re drained. It would not be the primary time Pig Pen indulged in some delusions about his dirtiness.

2 “Immaculately Clear Conscience”

pig pen peanuts immaculately clean conscience

Pig Pen could also be soiled on the surface, however he’s squeaky clear on the within. In response to him, at the least. Violet is a frequent bully to Pig Pen, at all times declaring his grime and dirt. On this strip, when she lists off his many sullied attributes, Pig Pen factors out that one a part of him is exceptionally clear, immaculate even: his conscience. It was the proper response to Violet’s remarks, seeming like the 2 ladies had been shocked into silence. Given Pig Pen’s historical past, he backs up his clear conscience assertion together with his actions. He at all times treats others effectively and is form to everybody, even when it is not reciprocated.

1 “Clear Pig Pen”

pig pen never got inside the house

A clear Pig Pen is an anomaly. He’s nearly by no means clear, as an alternative normally spackled with mud and grime. The Peanuts youngsters infrequently see him completely clear. Consequently, the youngsters do not even acknowledge him when he’s clear for as soon as, as this strip reveals. Charlie Brown is the one one to acknowledge him, simply one of many a number of causes that he is Pig Pen’s greatest (and doubtless solely) buddy. Pig Pen acquired all clear and dressed up for a party, solely to be denied entry as a result of nobody may inform it was him. Little did the Peanuts gang know, that they missed out on a momentous event; Pig Pen being clear.

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