10 Most Unintentionally Humorous DC Film Moments


  • Talia al Ghul’s dying in The Darkish Knight Rises is surprisingly awkward and abrupt, making it arduous to take significantly.
  • Val Kilmer’s Batman smile in Batman Endlessly is unintentionally humorous because it appears hilariously misplaced behind his tight masks.
  • Mr. Freeze’s ice puns in Batman & Robin, delivered with a chilling tone, are so tacky that they turn out to be not possible to not snort at.

DC motion pictures have traditionally excelled at mixing humorous and critical moments, however sadly for the storied model, typically scenes find yourself funnier than they have been purported to be. Whether or not it’s overly dramatic performing or strains that do not sound as pure spoken as they give the impression of being written in a script, it may be borderline complicated who some DC scenes have made it to the ultimate reduce. Regardless, from traditional DC movies to trendy superhero epics, there are many scenes that weren’t purported to elicit laughs.

These movies may be arduous to observe, however they’re additionally arduous to overlook. Lots of the most memorable moments in superhero motion pictures have come from DC’s worst movies, though it is normally not for the suitable purpose. Even of their most profitable motion pictures, there are nonetheless some awkward or mishandled moments that come throughout as unintentionally hilarious. Listed here are 10 of essentially the most unintentionally humorous moments from DC motion pictures.

10 Talia al Ghul’s Demise – The Darkish Knight Rises

talia al ghul Cropped (1)

Talia al Ghul was the shock villain on the finish of The Darkish Knight Rises who was the true mastermind behind Bane’s plan. After crashing the truck containing the bomb, Talia is mortally wounded and dies. Nonetheless, her dying could be very abrupt, and it appears like she shortly went to sleep somewhat than dying. It is shocking that an actor as gifted as Marion Cotillard would have a dying scene this awkward, nevertheless it’s equally shocking that director Christopher Nolan determined this was the take he wished to depart within the movie.

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9 Val Kilmer’s Batman Smile – Batman Endlessly

Val Kilmer Batman Smile Cropped

Val Kilmer does a shocking quantity proper together with his portrayal of Batman and Bruce Wayne. Sadly, he solely appeared in Batman Endlessly, one of many lesser movies within the Batman franchise. Nonetheless, there may be one second the place Kilmer succumbs to the goofiness of Joel Schumacher’s Batman universe. After talking together with his love curiosity, Dr. Chase Meridian (Nicole Kidman), Batman turns round and offers a hilarious smile proper to the digital camera. It is meant to be humorous, however Kilmer’s smile appears a lot funnier whereas behind the tight masks of the caped crusader.

8 Mr. Freeze’s Ice Puns – Batman & Robin

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There are dozens of unintentionally hilarious moments from Batman & Robin. There’s the bat bank card, Batman and Robin ice skating, and over-the-top pictures of the fits, totally outfitted with bat-nipples. Nonetheless, essentially the most iconic a part of Batman & Robin is all of Mr. Freeze’s ice puns, delivered remarkably effectively by Arnold Schwarzenegger. One might make the argument that these have been supposed to be humorous, however just a few of them are exclaimed in a critical, chilling tone. The film tries to make them work, nevertheless it’s not possible to not snort at “What killed the dinosaurs? The ice age!

7 Basketball and Flirting – Catwoman

catwoman basketball scene Cropped

Catwoman is one other failed flick that will get so many issues flawed. As an example, Halle Berry is enjoying a personality named Endurance Phillips, not Selina Kyle, though the film is named Catwoman. The CGI is laughable, her go well with is horrible, and the filmmaking is everywhere. One scene the place the poor filmmaking is most evident is throughout a flirtatious basketball recreation between Berry and Benjamin Bratt. It is horribly edited and options some extremely awkward performing between the 2 actors. Each actors are gifted, however even they can not save this remarkably bizarre scene.

6 The Riddler Sings Ave Maria – The Batman

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Paul Dano as The Riddler in The Batman is likely one of the scariest diversifications of a Batman villain. The way in which he operated as a twisted serial killer made him a threatening foe for Robert Pattinson’s Batman. Whereas his unhinged efficiency typically labored, Dano’s determination to start out singing Ave Maria whereas speaking to jail in Batman is extra humorous than scary. Sure, the observe is a recurring motif for his character, however his singing model contradicts Michael Giacchino’s sinister rating and Pattinson’s brooding efficiency.

5 ‘I Will Discover Him’ – Man of Metal

general zod Cropped

Michael Shannon as Basic Zod in Man of Metal is likely one of the higher villains within the DCEU. He delivers a haunting efficiency as an omnipotent villain who is decided to avoid wasting his individuals and hold Krypton alive. Nonetheless, he did over-deliver just a few occasions as director Zack Snyder typically calls for {powerful}, dramatic performances from his actors. One second is firstly of the movie when he’s about to be despatched to everlasting jail and delivers the road “I’ll discover him,” referencing Kal-El. It is an over-the-top supply that’s extra corny than menacing. It additionally does not assist that he’s then frozen and despatched off in a somewhat phallic imprisoning gadget.

4 Superman’s Rebuilding Imaginative and prescient – Superman IV: The Quest for Peace

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Superman IV: The Quest for Peace is undoubtedly the worst of the Christopher Reeve Superman motion pictures. It has one of many funniest villains ever with Nuclear Man, an antagonist who’s powered by the solar and has the power to develop his fingernails. Nonetheless, essentially the most hilarious scene comes when Superman and Nuclear Man’s battle causes harm to the Nice Wall of China. To repair the harm, Superman makes use of his imaginative and prescient to rebuild the landmark paired with very dated CGI. It is unclear when Superman received the power to repair buildings together with his thoughts, however this film has many different logical errors.

3 Cheetah & Surprise Lady’s Battle – Surprise Lady 1984


Cheetah is one in every of Surprise Lady’s archenemies from the comics, however translating that character into live-action offered a problem. Kristen Wiig did an admirable job within the position, however she could not save the position as soon as she became an “apex predator.” Not solely does Cheetah’s design make her seem like she needs to be singing about Jellicle Cats, however the combat is poorly lit to cover the uncanny CGI. The combat between her and Surprise Lady is cartoonish as the 2 characters swing round and Cheetah jumps off the aspect of buildings. She is then electrocuted underwater however one way or the other nonetheless survives.

2 Katana’s Introduction – Suicide Squad

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Suicide Squad struggled to introduce audiences to all of its characters. Each character had a loud montage stuffed with poor modifying and awful exposition. Nonetheless, the character who acquired the worst intro was Katana. She jumps onto a helicopter that includes all of Job Pressure X and is given the laziest intro from Colonel Rick Flag. He introduces her title, what she does, and why her sword is so harmful. It is awful exposition and shortly turned an instance of what to not do in screenwriting when introducing a personality.

1 Martha – Batman V. Superman: Daybreak of Justice

batman martha scene Cropped

The epic confrontation between Ben Affleck’s Batman and Henry Cavill’s Superman was extremely anticipated. Whereas the combat itself is entertaining, it is stifled by an anticlimactic ending. After subduing Superman, Batman comes near killing him with a kryptonite spear. In a last-ditch effort, Superman begs Batman to avoid wasting his mom who is known as Martha. When he hears that title, he remembers his personal mom, additionally named Martha, and spares Superman. This scene is a crucial a part of Batman’s character as he acknowledges the humanity in Kal-El since he has a mom identical to everybody else. Nonetheless, it comes throughout as weird since Batman’s dedication to defeat Superman ends just because the 2 DC heroes have mothers’ with the identical title.

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