The Value of It All



I admit to being a tight-wad.

A miser.  At all times in search of the worth.

Thoughts you, I’m beneficiant with others.  Fast to chip in.  However on the subject of shopping for one thing for myself?  I don’t.

Impulse shopping for is nil.  A dressy shirt?…Eh, I’ve lots.  Cool footwear?…those I’m carrying are simply tremendous.  And at a restaurant, I order a sandwich over a costlier meal.


Meter is operating!

Which is why I battle each six months when it’s time for my subsequent Ocrevus infusion.

All I can take into consideration is how my care supplier costs the insurance coverage firm roughly $123,000 for that little brown bag of fluid.

100 and twenty-three thousand {dollars}.

That’s an entire lot of moo-lah!

what I may do with $123,000?

Why, I may…..


…have 41 colonoscopy procedures ($3,000 avg).

…purchase 95 Taylor Swift live performance tickets ($1,300 per).

…get hitched 4.7 occasions ($26,000 avg) (Like J-Lo).

…undertake 946 puppies ($130 per).

…get 683 carpet cleanings (bc of so many freakin puppies)

…take pleasure in 15,995 baggage of York Peppermint Patties (my fav).

…purchase 24,600 bins of Lady Scout cookies.

…endure 1,892 exercises w/ private coach ($65/hr) as a result of I eat too rattling a lot.

…take 574 day ocean cruise ($214/day).

…get 316 laser hair removing remedies (hair rising within the unsuitable locations).



Me, having enjoyable with the calculator.



…purchase 2,460 pickleball paddles.

…keep 82 days at psychological hospital ($1,500/day) due to all of the pickleball noise.

…hug 4,920 Construct-A-Bears ($25/per) Higher than a keep on the hospital.

…get 25 full-sleeve tattoos ($4,000 per) and tattoo removing ($1,000 per).

…purchase 208,475 lbs of bananas (.59 lb) Will need assistance consuming them earlier than turning brown.

…construct 11 greenhouses ($11,000 per) bc I really like flowers.

…want 5,857 bottle of Zyrtec ($21 bottle)  Allergy symptoms.

…purchase 1 Cadillac Escalade.

…get 3 fill-ups for Cadillac Escalade.

…pay 1,537 hours for knowledgeable author ($80/hr) to write down extra participating content material for this lame web site.


The possibillities of the right way to spend $123,000 are limitless.  And definitely extra thrilling than having a bag of fluid drain into my arm.  So what would you do with that a lot cash?  

Until subsequent time.  Spend properly.



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