Funniest Characters in Supernatural

Supernatural could also be a present about searching something that goes bump within the evening, however that does not imply that there wasn’t loads of humor within the long-running present. Between the a number of apocalypses, wars with angels and demons, arch angels working amok, and battles with God himself, there was numerous comedy blended in with the extra critical world-altering storylines that the present adopted in later seasons. There have been nonetheless horror parts to the present with the monster-of-the-week episodes and the end-of-the-world overarching storylines that drove every season ahead. However, many moments made us sob, and simply as many moments made us giggle out loud.

The present gave us many hilarious episodes in its 15 years on the air, similar to “Yellow Fever” or “The French Mistake”, however it additionally gave us some ridiculously humorous characters as properly. Quite a few characters have been launched and subsequently written out through the years, however fairly a number of of them made lasting impressions due to how a lot they made us giggle. Some have been deliberately made to be humorous and a few have been unintentionally hilarious. Both approach, these characters made us crack a smile a technique or one other. Listed here are ten of the funniest characters in Supernatural.

11 Meg

Rachel Miner in Supernatural
Warner Bros.

Meg (Rachel Miner) was one of many first demons that really gave Sam and Dean an issue. Her first look was approach again in season one when she was possessing a younger girl named Meg (Nicki Aycox), which is why she is known as Meg within the first place.

In season 5 she possessed a brand new vessel and finally began to (form of) work with the Winchesters in worry of what Crowley (Mark Sheppard) would possibly do to her if she did not. Meg was a extremely sarcastic demon who gave even Dean a run for his cash when it got here to fast retorts, however it was her relationship with Castiel that was oddly humorous. The demon and angel pair flirted closely from seasons 5 by means of eight, and she or he at all times discovered a strategy to make Cas confused or embarrassed.

10 Garth

Garth Supernatural
The CW

Garth (DJ Qualls) is an acquired style for a lot of, however as Dean has identified, “He grows on you.” Garth has a really boisterous character and enjoys exhibiting affection towards these he cares about, and he’s additionally a little bit of fun riot.

He could not have been the strongest hunter, however he offered some much-needed comedian reduction in each episode he guest-starred in. From his quirky mannerisms to referring to placing down monsters as getting “Garthed”, there was no scarcity of comical anecdotes up his jacket sleeve. Even after he turned a pleasant neighborhood werewolf, Garth nonetheless saved up his identical goofy shtick and lovable dad jokes. Plus, he gave us one of many greatest comedian reduction episodes, “Occasion On, Garth”.

9 Jack

Alexander Calvert in Supernatural
Warner Bros

Humorous with out even understanding it, Jack (Alexander Calvert) is unintentionally one of many funniest characters on the present. Contemplating that he’s a Nephilim who had solely been alive for about three years by the point the present ended, Jack had so much to find out about people and life on Earth.

His understanding of humanity was just like Cas’ within the sense that he both took issues too actually or utterly misunderstood what was stated to him. Jack’s childhood innocence and naivety mixed together with his restricted data of human life made for some really entertaining moments. From his overly nice approach of chatting with his tendency to blurt out precisely what he and his three father figures have been doing reasonably than being discreet, Jack at all times offered some comedian reduction.

8 Charlie

charlie supernatural
The CW

Followers adored Charlie (Felicia Day) from the second she was launched dancing by means of her workplace constructing whereas listening to “Strolling on Sunshine” in season seven. Charlie was proudly educated concerning the films, TV reveals, books, and video games she was into and shared numerous that love for popular culture with Dean.

Her love for all issues media had her making references and quoting totally different mediums left and proper, which at all times made the boys chuckle. Her naturally quirky nature and comprehensible trepidation into the world of monsters and searching made for some humorous moments as she would attempt to hype herself as much as do no matter Sam and Dean wanted.

7 Chuck

The CW

Everyone knows that God, a.okay.a. Chuck, was a egocentric, boastful being who made Sam and Dean’s life far tougher than it ever wanted to be and basically tried to strip them of their free will. Nobody was rooting for Chuck by season 15. Nonetheless, the man may very well be humorous. Like different characters talked about on this record, Chuck had a plethora of witty jabs up his sleeve available to throw at somebody. Contemplating that he wrote the Supernatural books based mostly on the Winchester’s lives, he additionally had all kinds of popular culture references and jokes to be made incessantly.

He additionally typically poked enjoyable on the boys and a few of their accomplishments from season to season, similar to when he stated that taking down the British Males of Letters was weak in comparison with combating Leviathans. Or, when he advised Rowena and Crowley that he had quietly been rooting in opposition to them for a while however that they have been truly his responsible pleasures.

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6 Bobby

bobby supernatural
The CW

Sam and Dean’s surrogate father Bobby (Jim Beaver) was a stereotypical grumpy outdated man, however he adored his two boys. There wasn’t something he would not do to be round for them, together with kissing Crowley to seal a deal to free his soul from a demon contract.

Bobby’s grumpy angle accounts for a lot of his humor, from incessantly shouting “Balls!’ in frustration to calling the boys “Idjits” day by day. He was additionally extremely sarcastic in a matter-of-fact approach and would lay into the boys each time he thought they did one thing with reckless abandon. He had numerous humorous one-liners as properly, similar to when he stated “Do I seem like a ditchable promenade date to you?” to Dean in season three.

5 Lucifer

Mark Pellegrino in Supernatural
Warner Bros

Whether or not you like to hate him or hate to like him, Lucifer (Mark Pellegrino) was one of the outwardly humorous characters on the whole present. Since Sam was his true vessel, Lucifer was continuously cracking jokes at Sam’s expense and sarcastically attempting to win Sam over.

His pleasure in tormenting Sam whereas concurrently nearly seeming to look after him made him one of the charismatic and hilarious antagonists on the present. Together with his unending provide of fast quips and the string of episodes the place he possessed Castiel, Lucifer was a constantly entertaining character. He was nonetheless a giant dangerous by the point Dean killed him with an archangel blade, however he was additionally a hysterical character you could not assist however get pleasure from.

4 Gabriel

Gabriel Trickster Supernatural
The CW

Richard Speight Jr. utterly introduced the character of Gabriel to life together with his near-perfect comedic timing and expertly teasing smirk. Whether or not he was portraying the Trickster, Loki, or he was again to his archangel self, he was hilarious each time he was on-screen. When he despatched the boys on an escapade by means of TV land the place they needed to act out their lives in quite a lot of totally different present codecs, he was cemented as one of many funniest characters on the present.

Gabriel was intentionally humorous as he was at all times attempting to get fun out of somebody, and it definitely labored for the viewers at residence. From his obsession with utilizing the grownup video Casa Erotica as a method to speak with the Winchesters and his unabashed dedication to dwelling a lifetime of pleasure, he was stuffed with witty retorts and one-liners that constantly saved the viewers entertained.

3 Crowley

Crowley in Supernatural
The CW

King of Hell, former chief of the Crossroads demons, and the son of one of the highly effective witches on the planet, Crowley was everybody’s favourite demon. Crowley began as one of many Winchester brothers’ many immortal enemies, however finally become one in all their biggest allies and nearly part of the household. He by no means missed a comedic beat and had a available quick-witted response for each jab somebody threw at him. His sophisticated relationship with Sam and Dean led to him referring to them as Moose and Squirrel respectively, and his much more sophisticated relationship together with his mom Rowena (Ruth Connell) led to comically heated discussions.

His bromance with Dean, when he had the Mark of Cain, was one in all his comedic highlights throughout his time on the present, and his partnership with Cas once they posed as FBI brokers collectively in season 12 was notably hilarious. Between his fixed stream of insults and nicknames and his weird one-liners, similar to “No one within the historical past of torture has been tortured with the torture just like the torture you will be tortured with”, nobody on the present had the quantity of sass that Crowley had.

2 Dean

Supernatural Sam Interrupted
The CW

As powerful, brutal, violent, and offended as Dean may very well be, he may very well be equally humorous. Nobody may go from mercilessly taking down a vampire to cracking a joke whereas sipping beer inside minutes the best way Dean Winchester may. With Dean’s immense love for all issues popular culture, he had an arsenal of film references and TV quotes to hurl at somebody at any given second. He had a knack for turning no matter state of affairs he was into one thing out of his favourite films.

Whether or not he was pulling pranks on Sam, screaming in worry of a cat, or behaving like a canine, Dean by no means misplaced his humor. He gave us iconic moments similar to dropping his pants and gleefully yelling “Pudding!” or turning round and shouting “Cas, get out of my ass!” It doesn’t matter what he misplaced, the ache he suffered, or the trials he needed to endure, Dean at all times managed to seek out his humor and put a smile on followers’ faces.

1 Castiel

Misha Collins, Castiel
Warner Bros.

“Dean, the voice says I am nearly out of minutes!” is probably one of many funniest traces to ever be stated on Supernatural, and it is because of Misha Collins’ devoted portrayal of the lovable angel. The sheer brilliance of Castiel’s humor is that he is hardly ever deliberately humorous. It is normally unintentional stemming from his restricted understanding of human beings and our life. His inflexible following of guidelines and awkward demeanor round others from his earlier seasons created a number of the most memorable and hysterical moments within the present.

At the same time as he spent extra time with the Winchesters and realized extra concerning the methods people reside, his lack of a basis in popular culture data and nil social cues led to an infinite quantity of awkward encounters and fan-favorite traces. Cas finally obtained a barely higher grip on humanity by the final season, however the utter misinterpretation gave strategy to traces like “If the pizza man really loves this babysitter, why does he hold slapping her rear?” or “No, he isn’t on any flatbread” by no means absolutely went away.

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