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Sizzling take: I believe leisure shouldn’t make me need to die. I keep away from horror films like I do near-acquaintances in malls—when going to malls didn’t imply you have been doubtlessly sentencing others to immeasurable struggling… was solely your self—by training my perception that if I can’t see them, they will’t see me.

Perhaps I’d get extra out of horror films if I watched the display as an alternative of the backs of my fingers and if I didn’t learn the Midsommar Wikipedia plot abstract earlier than promptly looking for aftercare. (…There’s no “however.” Everyone knows I’m not altering. Private development? No thanks.)

None of this resistance, nevertheless, may have prevented what occurred on Friday. Friday evening was darkish and stormy, naturally, and Mother and I made a decision to cancel our tennis plans. Ending my pork bun, I left the kitchen and began up the steps to my lavatory. I ended on the second step.

the guy in our attic, open attic hatch, scary story

The attic hatch was open. I stood there, halfheartedly gaslighting myself. I often create false recollections, i.e. of the Berenstein bears, of dropping my water bottle at a restaurant solely to search out it’d by no means left the home, or of my common competence.

Might I’ve simply by no means observed it was open? However why now? It appeared so clearly completely different even from the foot of the steps. My thoughts, determined for my life to be attention-grabbing, instantly instructed it may’ve been an individual who’d moved it, however the hatch was no less than 10 toes from the ground with nothing close by to face on.

Me: Mother, did you open the attic hatch?

Mother: What attic?

Earlier than I may pack up my baggage and depart the nation, I spotted she’d simply misheard me. She introduced up a ladder to the second ground and I pre-entered 9-1-1 onto my cellphone. She arrange the ladder and climbed three rungs.

Mother: Ought to I am going up there?

I believed after I habitually checked behind the bathe curtain for a assassin and a few comic was like, so then what occurs whenever you discover one? You’re gonna rip open the bathe curtain and scare him? Now he’s making an attempt to kill you and he’s offended. Congratulations.

shower curtain intruder joke, scary story

Me: Science says no.

I texted a buddy my deal with with an image of the open attic hatch and the message “If one thing occurs to me, it’ll be the man within the attic.”

Good friend: You need to put out meals and see if somebody takes it.

I attempted to recall whether or not I’d written her into my will, if I had a will. In any other case, why was she making an attempt to get me killed?

Me: HELL no

Me: This isn’t Parasite 😭

In the meantime, my mother, who in all probability wasn’t as deranged however nonetheless confused as to what had opened the hatch, referred to as her brother.  I took my lavatory necessities downstairs and sat, watching the foot of the staircase.

Ten minutes later, she referred to as me over to say that it’d been the storm. The winds had created a strain differential and pushed up the panel.

Me: However have there not been extra extreme storms earlier than? And also you’ve by no means seen this occur right here?

Mother: Nope. Fall asleep.


Mother: What, you need to sleep with me?

me, 22 and ashamed

Really, I’d been contemplating by no means sleeping once more. However I gathered up the shards of my 22-year-old satisfaction and took it upstairs, the place I inched across the hatch space, half-expecting somebody to slip it open once more and peek out.

The following day, my mates who didn’t take into account my scenario only a day within the life requested what’d occurred. I answered, in all probability to their disappointment, and all of us moved on.

Or, kind of. Typically after I stroll round that space and hope he’s doing all proper. If he’s studying this, by the way in which, he’s welcome to some Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Somebody has to cease me from consuming all of it.

the guy in our attic, open attic hatch

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