‘They threatened to fireside me’: Administration finds employee’s Glassdoor evaluate after they give up – FAIL Weblog

The factor is, “nameless” solely goes up to now, and never solely is it straightforward sufficient for an employer to infer who has left a evaluate, however relying on the place on this planet you reside, they are able to crack that anonymity anyway by way of info requests or by merely paying the platform to offer them the knowledge.

Which means that it is greater than doubtless that, by leaving that evaluate, you may be burning that bridge, whether or not you supposed to or not—it is as much as you to determine whether or not or not that is one thing you care about.

This employee was denied a increase and threatened firing for bogus, subjective causes. So, they give up and left a Glassdoor evaluate that their employer wasn’t thrilled to seek out. See their unique thread under, together with a few of the dialogue that passed off on the topic.

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