Greatest Scenes In Avatar: The Final Airbender

Avatar: The Final Airbender is likely one of the most beloved cartoons of all time. The present’s themes of conflict and morality are deftly dealt with with out being out of attain for its younger viewers. It is also filled with nice characters and balances humor and sincerity in equal measure.

The mixture of all these points results in many awe-inspiring and touching scenes. These story beats have turn into iconic items of tv that also persist with followers as we speak. Most of those scenes are dramatic, however just a few are uproariously humorous. From the moon, to cactus juice, to an apology, Avatar: The Final Airbender has given its viewers treasured moments to look again on.

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10 The Avatar State At The Northern Water Tribe

Scene from The Siege Of The North Pt. 2 Avatar The Last Airbender

After the Gaang lastly will get to the Northern Water Tribe, they’re rapidly adopted by a fleet of Hearth Nation ships, bent on capturing the Moon and Ocean Spirits. The destruction of such an amazing civilization and the desecration of two spirits leads Aang to completely enter into his first Avatar State.

After combining with the Ocean spirit, Aang turns into an enormous, glowing being who simply handles the whole Navy alone. It’s an superior sight as Aang and the spirit work collectively to avoid wasting the Northern Water Tribe and take out Admiral Zhao for good.

9 Aang’s Demise

Katara crying while holding Aang’s lifeless body from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

The tip of Guide 2 of the collection sees all the principle characters assembly within the caves under Ba Sing Se. Azula and the Dai Li have taken management of the federal government, Zuko decides to realign along with his harmful household, and Aang and the others are attempting to remain alive.

An epic battle between Azula, Zuko, and Aang breaks out. Aang does his finest to slide into the Avatar State to take care of the state of affairs, however he’s struck down by Azula’s lightning earlier than he can. This horrible scene ends the second season and leaves audiences questioning if Aang will ever get well from such a lethal blow.

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8 Zuko & Azula Conflict

Avatar's Zuko and Azula duel in Agni Kai

Zuko goes by plenty of turmoil all through the collection, however by the tip, he formally sides with Aang and his pals. This sadly implies that he has to face his sister, Azula, one final time.

With Katara’s assist, Zuko engages in an Agni Kai in opposition to Azula to settle their variations as soon as and for all. The scene towards the tip of their battle the place Azula’s blue flames battle in opposition to Zuko’s pink ones is an iconic picture of two siblings whose excessive variations have led to a life threatening battle.

7 “Zuko Right here.”

Zuko, waving as he says, “Zuko here.” From Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Zuko ultimately resolves to change sides after realizing how despicable his father’s plans are. As a method in, Zuko plans to supply to show Aang Firebending. Nonetheless, he additionally is aware of that going to the Gaang is not going to be simple since he has been their fixed tormentor for a lot of the collection.

To organize for his request to hitch them, Zuko practices saying whats up to the fauna within the woods, wanting on the digicam and saying, “Howdy. Zuko right here.” The awkward introduction and the conclusion that he is chatting with a toad are hilarious contemplating how stoic Zuko sometimes is. It’s also an iconic because it represents the start of Zuko switching to the peaceable aspect for good.

6 The Ember Island Gamers

aang toph celebration

Everything of the episode “The Ember Island Gamers” is iconic for its distinctive recap episode format. As a substitute of flashing again and displaying scenes from earlier episodes, The Ember Island Gamers” as an alternative has the Gaang attend a poorly written and acted play about themselves.

Not solely does this remind followers of previous story beats earlier than the ultimate battle, nevertheless it additionally provides viewers among the most hilarious scenes and one-liners from the present. Lots of the actors on stage ham up their performances and make self-aware jokes about the principle solid. Plus, seeing Toph portrayed as a loud, buff man (and Toph having fun with the casting) is likely one of the most hilarious scenes in the entire present.

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5 Cactus Juice

Sokka and cactus juice from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

When the Gaang turns into stranded within the desert, they’re all determined for some reduction from the warmth. Sadly, Sokka and Momo give in too simply to their temptation and drink from a random cactus they discover with out regard for whether or not it’s protected to devour.

What follows is the funniest and most quotable scene from Avatar: The Final Airbender as Sokka and Momo turn into delusional. They are saying and do hilarious issues reminiscent of creating pretend branding for the cactus juice they drank and praising a mushroom cloud within the distance. This scene highlights Sokka and Momo’s mixed antics whereas additionally offering levity for an in any other case dreary state of affairs.

4 Zuko’s Apology

Zuko crying from Avatar: The Last Airbender

After Zuko betrays Uncle Iroh to rejoin his instant household, Zuko looks like he cannot return to the person who took such excellent care of him. He’s embarrassed by his actions and is aware of that he disrespected his uncle by throwing away every part Iroh taught him.

Subsequently, when the Gaang meets Iroh once more within the White Lotus camp, Zuko tearfully apologizes to Iroh and exclaims how flawed he was. In return, Iroh embraces his nephew and reassures Zuko that he was by no means offended, solely remorseful that Zuko had adopted a foul path. The 2 males cry and embrace after mending their bond. It is probably the most touching second within the collection and signifies Zuko regaining his misplaced honor eventually.

3 Princess Yue’s Sacrifice

Princess Yue from Avatar: The Last Airbender looking concerned

When Princess Yue was born, she was extremely weak, however her life was restored because of the Moon Spirit. Now as a youngster, Yue is a noble royal with an exceptionally sort coronary heart. When her tribe and the Moon Spirit are at risk, Yue returns the favor the Moon Spirit gave her all these years in the past.

In a selfless act, Yue takes over because the Moon Spirit and turns into the moon. The ethereal picture of Yue floating within the lunar glow is heartbreaking however touching.

2 “There Is No Conflict In Ba Sing Se.”

'There Is No War in Ba Sing Se': Joo Dee from Avatar: The Last Airbender

The Gaang lastly arrives in Ba Sing Se after a protracted journey and are handled to luxurious. They’re put up in a pleasant home and given all of the foods and drinks they want. Nonetheless, when any of them attempt to handle the turmoil that’s brewing throughout the partitions, the one response they obtain from their handler is, “There is no such thing as a conflict in Ba Sing Se.”

This chilling phrase is horrifying for its outright denial since Workforce Avatar is conscious of the looming risk. Issues turn into much more regarding when their handler is changed by one other lady who repeats the eerie phrase. The scene speaks to a phenomenon that the rich class turns a blind eye to the poorer courses’ struggling – selecting as an alternative to be willfully ignorant.

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1 Taking Ozai’s Bending

Aang taking Ozai’s bending from Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Aang agonizes all through the collection about what he’ll do when he lastly faces Hearth Lord Ozai in battle. Most people he consults say that the one method Ozai may be stopped is that if he’s killed. But, Aang’s upbringing teaches him that each one life is treasured. Even as much as the day of the anticipated battle, Aang nonetheless does not know what he’ll do.

Luckily, Aang visits a Lion Turtle and is lastly proven a substitute for demise. When Ozai is lastly taken down, Aang descends upon him whereas within the Avatar State and takes Ozai’s bending away. It’s an iconic scene that lastly exhibits the hero triumphing over evil, and on the hero’s personal phrases. Aang caught to his ideas and located a pacifistic resolution to a worldwide risk.

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