28 Foolish Memes That Affirm That Your Boss is Simply Thee Children in a Trench Coat – FAIL Weblog

Is your boss a complete nincompoop? Should you sit at work typically and marvel how somebody so brainless and unqualified is getting paid greater than you, then you definately’re not alone! Generally an worker simply must chuckle on the irony by scrolling some memes on their lunch break, simply to maintain from crying on the actuality of their scenario. Positive, your boss is a complete dolt, however at the very least we are able to all snigger about it. 

The following time your supervisor, supervisor, or boss needs to bop across the workplace, bragging about your onerous work and claiming it for themselves, you’ll be able to at all times be ready to drag off their trench coat and reveal that they are simply three youngsters stacked on prime of one another. That’ll present ’em to not mess with you anymore. 

Till that fateful day, you’ll be able to solely rue in silence as you grind away at your job; you will have the consolation and dismay of realizing that you will by no means be as deluded and well-paid as your dimwitted boss. 

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