Prime 20 Jokes About Air Fryers

Get able to fry up some laughter with these hilarious jokes and puns about air fryers! Whether or not you are a fan of those helpful kitchen home equipment or simply get pleasure from dose of culinary humor, these jokes are positive to make you crack a smile. From deep-fry points to sizzling air balloon deliveries, let these puns and playful quips whisk you away right into a world of flavorful enjoyable. So sit again, chill out, and revel in a serving of laughter as we dive right into a scorching assortment of air fryer jokes. Get able to roast, bake, and fry your solution to time!

Funny joke about an air fryer

What do you name an air fryer that’s unable to fry?

An air liar.

How are you aware if somebody owns and adores their air fryer?

Don’t be concerned, they may inform you a number of occasions.

How do they ship air fryers?

Through sizzling air balloon.

What can you prepare dinner in an air fryer?


What do you name a few potatos who met in an air fryer?

Good friend fries.

What did the air fryer say to the potato?

“Let’s fry the knot and change into pal fries”

What did the skeptical chef say to the air fryer?

I will not be impressed till you can also make french fries levitate.

What do air fryers say to point out their affection?

You’re the apple of my fry.

Why do air fruers at all times gown so properly?

Their shirts are at all times crisp.

Why did the air fryer begin a brand new enterprise?

It wished to be the “hottest” entrepreneur

What’s an air fryers favorite TV present?

Sport of scones

Why do air fryers make nice comedians?

They at all times ship crispy punchlines

I simply obtained an air fryer and it has actually modified my life.

It is like a breath of contemporary air.

I tried to make some jokes about my air fryer.

Sadly they they simply did not fry.

I’m really loving my air fryer, it turns each single day of the week into my favorite week day.

It is fry-day daily!

Hilarious one liner joke about an air fryer

I would not survive with out my air fryer.

It is definitely an air-replaceable kitchen equipment.

Recently I’ve been making an attempt to eat more healthy, so I traded in my deep fryer for an air fryer.

I am simply fryin’ to be more healthy.

Why are most air fryers smug?

They’re stuffed with sizzling air.

When is the very best day of the week to make use of your air fryer?


What do you get if you put an iphone into an air fryer?

An Apple fritter.

What do you name a rooster that has been struck by lightning?

Air fried.

I’m trying to make air-fried rooster tonight.

I don’t have a recipe, so I assume I’ll should wing it.

Hopefully you loved our air fryer jokes and puns! Pleased frying!

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