10 Funniest Anime Character Introductions

A character’s introduction in anime is without doubt one of the most vital moments for that character because it units the tone for a way audiences will understand that character. Whereas some introductions are delicate or environment friendly, a few of the greatest in anime historical past are additionally the funniest, immediately endearing audiences to that character.

Character introductions will be carried out in all method of the way, all of which serve to provide the viewers and surrounding characters a sneak peek at what makes stated character distinctive. They’ll play with fellow characters and audiences’ expectations of how the story will proceed or how that character will behave in distinctly intelligent methods. No matter the way it’s carried out although, the funniest anime character introductions are gut-busting scenes which are simply as humorous out of context as they’re in context.

10 Mikoto Mikoshiba – Month-to-month Women’ Nozaki-Kun


From the start, Month-to-month Women’ Nozaki-kun has comedic moments in spades. Some of the memorable contains the introduction of Mikoto Mikoshiba, known as Mikorin by Nozaki. Nozaki first describes Mikoshiba as being “pure, delicate, and delicate” which provides Sakura a sure picture of who this buddy of Nozaki’s is perhaps. Nevertheless, at first look, Mikoshiba seems a bit rebellious and intimidating, in full opposition to what Nozaki has described him as. This prompts Sakura to name him out on his lie. Nevertheless, it’s rapidly revealed that Mikoshiba has a softer, extra cute facet which continuously serves Nozaki as inspiration for the feminine lead in his manga sequence.

Proper after Sakura meets him, some feminine schoolmates name out to Mikoshiba, prompting him to ship an over-the-top flirtatious line that promptly causes him to show brilliant crimson and get embarrassed. A glimpse of his true persona beneath Sakura’s preliminary impression of him makes Mikoshiba’s first look within the present an enthralling and humorous introduction.

9 Satoru Gojo – Jujutsu Kaisen


Regardless of the customarily severe nature of the plot in Jujutsu Kaisen, there are quite a lot of humorous interactions interspersed between the solid. One explicit temporary, however telling second is without doubt one of the first occasions that Satoru Gojo actually steps into the image. Though audiences are launched to him sooner by way of his dialog with Itadori concerning the upcoming execution, Gojo’s massive intro second comes proper after Itadori has consumed Ryomen Sukuna’s finger. Initially of episode two, Fushiguro is ready to exorcise the newly stricken curse regardless of his injured state, when Gojo steps into the image.

Gojo is fast to tease Fushiguro regardless of the overall severity of the state of affairs, snapping pictures of his injured scholar to share with the opposite college students later, claiming he wasn’t initially going to come back, exhibiting as much as a battlefield with souvenirs and kikufuku. Nevertheless, it is fairly clear how formidable he’s when he faces off in opposition to Sukuna in Itadori’s physique prefer it’s no massive deal. The juxtaposition of his laid-back response and the importance of the state of affairs each speaks to his capabilities and supplied audiences with a witty introduction to his character.

8 Monkey D. Luffy – One Piece


Naturally, One Piece‘s principal protagonist is launched within the very first episode; nonetheless, his circumstances appear lower than supreme for a future King of the Pirates. Regardless of this, Luffy does not appear to be bothered. Audiences first meet Luffy bursting his approach out of a barrel that he was taking a nap in, knocking the lights out of 1 Alvida pirate and startling his eventual buddy, Koby. The following dialog the place Luffy remarks that the person he simply knocked out should not be sleeping there, or else he’ll catch a chilly, to which the Alvida pirates counter with “You probably did that!” is a basic instance of the humor that One Piece is rife with.

Trying to fulfill his rapid wants sends Luffy off searching for meals, which he shamelessly scarves down whereas relaying his present state of affairs to Koby. Once more, Luffy does not appear significantly set again by the truth that 1) he not has a dinghy, 2) he is aboard one other pirate group’s ship, 3) he has simply knocked one of many different crew unconscious. Audiences rapidly understand that Luffy tends to take issues in stride, however appears decided the place it counts, significantly when it comes serving to out his mates and others and conducting his desires.

7 Keroberos – Cardcaptor Sakura


The guardian beast makes his look fairly early on in Cardcaptor Sakura, episode one. When Sakura inadvertently awakens Kero from his sleep, the cute guardian greets her (and the viewers) along with his patented “Hidey-howdy-ho”. The informal nature of the greeting and the emphasis on his vocabulary being outdated rapidly usurps the depth of the second and Sakura is compelled to look at Kero as if he is a toy. She appears to roll with the punches fairly swiftly, although, resulting in a dialog between her and Kero about what occurred to all the Clow Playing cards. Sakura explains that all of them flew away when she learn the phrase “Windy” off of the primary card, prompting Kero to answer with a chipper “Ya do not say!” earlier than they chortle to themselves for a second and Kero has an understandably distraught response to the difficulty at hand. The next fast lower to Sakura consuming dinner that night solely serves so as to add to the second.

6 Pikachu – Pokémon


When Pikachu is obtainable by Professor Oak as a attainable starter Pokémon to the late arrival Ash Ketchum, Ash is overjoyed on the alternative. Regardless of Professor Oak’s warnings—a quick-witted “You may see” when Ash remarks how cute Pikachu is—Ash embraces the cute Pikachu and finds himself shocked for his efforts. It is solely then that Professor Oak provides that Pikachu is thought to sometimes have an “electrifying persona.” Oak then proceeds to supply Ash some instruments of the commerce, which Ash accepts, inflicting each of them to be electrocuted by one grumpy Pikachu.

On high of that, the next scene comprises a quick and humorous alternate between Ash and his mother after Pikachu refuses to enter his Poké Ball. She remarks that they are “mates already”, to which Ash merely replies “Uh, positive.” The stubbornness displayed by Pikachu to start with makes it all of the extra heartwarming when he warms as much as Ash and so they develop an unbreakable bond.

5 The Host Membership + Haruhi – Ouran Excessive Faculty Host Membership


Whether or not the viewers is aware of how the plot unfolds in Ouran Excessive Faculty Host Membership or not, there’s one thing distinctly amusing concerning the emphasis on the Chekov’s Gun of this intro sequence. Because the scene of Haruhi unintentionally getting into the Host Membership commences, watchers get a number of photographs exhibiting related scenes from totally different angles. Throughout this complete time, there’s a brilliant crimson arrow indicating an costly vase that basically symbolizes the start of Haruhi’s adventures. This comical impact paired with a few of the Host Membership members’ ignorant remarks about Haruhi’s social standing, punctuated by Tamaki’s “Love dwell the poor” declaration units the stage for what Haruhi shall be contending with for the rest of the sequence: incontrovertible proof that the wealthy actually do dwell in their very own world.

4 Shota Aizawa – My Hero Academia


The ever-relatable instructor of classroom 1-A, Shota Aizawa’s introduction in My Hero Academia provides viewers a sneak peek into the gruff, however in the end caring Professional Hero. Unphased by the scholars’ reactions to his rising from the cocoon-like construction of his sleeping bag, Aizawa launches a fast criticism earlier than introducing himself to the category as their instructor. The matter-of-fact approach that Aizawa carries himself via this interplay and the scholars’ response to the weird state through which he is launched make for a unusual, however altogether indicative image of Aizawa as each a personality and a mentor. True to his sensible nature, which does belie the real concern he has for his college students, he’s swift to place Class 1-A to the take a look at.

3 Hinata and Kageyama at Karasuno – Haikyu!!


Hinata and Kageyama’s interactions from each a comedic and emotional perspective, are one of many many presents that retains on giving in Haikyu!!, although their relationship stems from some fairly rocky beginnings. Placing apart their match in center faculty, the introduction of each Hinata and Kageyama at Karasuno positively serves to shake issues up a bit. Hinata’s inner monologue on the finish of episode 1— about coaching to develop into higher at Karasuno to then get his revenge on Kageyama—leaping straight into him realizing that they’re, the truth is, attending the identical faculty units an immediately amusing and ironic priority for the viewers. It is even adopted up by the comedic beat of Kageyama getting hit by his personal serving toss as a result of shock and a subsequent sequence of shenanigans that, primarily, finish with each of them getting kicked out of the membership till they will make good.

2 Damao – All Saint’s Avenue


The informal nature by which All Saint’s Avenue infuses its humor into the unusual lives of its extraordinary solid is without doubt one of the many the reason why this sequence is so charming within the first place. With the introduction of the werewolf character, Damao, there’s one thing that the sequence instantly makes viewers conscious of: this poor man has horrible luck.

Within the span of some minutes, the viewers follows the story of Damao’s unwitting journey to the town to hunt out Neil Bowman and watches as each eventuality that he accounted for places him in a good worse state of affairs. Water will get on his smartphone? That is effective, it is waterproof. A potted plant shatters on his cellphone, breaking it? Not an issue, when he has a bodily map. Water melts the map? He introduced an additional copy. One after one other, Damao’s backup plans fail him attributable to his unnaturally horrid luck and he nonetheless manages to seek out his method to his aim… ultimately. Damao’s introduction within the sequence is concurrently so ridiculous, it defies perception and induces chuckles, but in addition makes him an immediately sympathetic character.

1 Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure’s Animal Varieties – Fruits Basket


Tohru’s introduction to Kyo, Yuki, and Shigure’s animal types is certainly a hilarious and iconic second within the Fruits Basket sequence. Naturally, she’s understandably caught off guard by what occurs, frantically operating round the home along with her new animal companions, proclaiming to a mail service that “everyone seems to be an animal.” All of the whereas, the three members of the Sohma household nearly appear to hold on as if nothing has modified: Shigure nonchalantly takes the mail from the mailman as a canine, Kyo and Yuki begin to bicker once more. It turns into fairly clear that there is not any getting out of the state of affairs, which in the end prompts Shigure to elucidate their circumstances in a really simple approach. Tohru’s response and the business-as-usual act by the three Sohmas are moments that lend to themselves so as to add additional humor to this sequence of scenes.

Completely different scene parts and parts of storytelling can work side-by-side to create distinctly humorous and impactful intros which are positive to seize the curiosity of their viewers. Scenes like these amusing character introductions have a tendency to remain within the minds and hearts of followers indefinitely, particularly for the enjoyment that they carry to their expertise with a sequence. The funniest anime character introductions are all nice scenes that appropriately set viewers expectations.

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