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How Trauma is Not Just a Past Memory

What I discovered about trauma is that this: Trauma isn’t one thing that’s simply in your head or thoughts. It’s not only a previous reminiscence.

The truth is, it’s saved within the ordinary reflexive state of your nervous system. It’s in your coronary heart, head, your abdomen, arms, legs..all of the sensory info that bought coded. They manifest in an overreactive response to emphasize in the present day: racing coronary heart, shallow respiratory, nausea, indigestion, trembling fingers, blurred imaginative and prescient, and so on.

For trauma restoration, it helps to recollect: not simply your head or thoughts, each a part of your physique was there prior to now.

How trauma is not just in a past memory in your head or mind

Why Figuring out That Trauma is Additionally Saved within the Physique Issues

If we consider that trauma to be only a previous reminiscence, we’d attempt to resolve our points within the thoughts or head…and even by way of the emotions that come up as we recall what came about. This being the case, we’d search the assistance of a counsellor, coach or practitioner – those that are skilled in speak remedy to assist us course of our ideas and emotions. Actually, speaking about our points fairly than bottling our feelings can assist us really feel higher. 

Nevertheless, with the realisation that trauma may be saved within the physique, it will assist if we take the additional step of addressing the sensory info that bought coded; in order that our nervous system now not routinely reacts in the identical ordinary manner. Therefore, it makes excellent sense to handle previous trauma utilizing practices which are somatic or motion primarily based. Practices resembling yoga or dance remedy,  are identified to assist the physique launch extra pressure and for the physique to really feel extra comfy.

Nevertheless, whereas movement-based practices are nice, they could circuitously deal with what’s going on psychologically particularly the place there was previous trauma. Which is why after having explored totally different types of therapeutic and remedy modalities myself, I’d prefer to advocate my discovery for utilizing this as a core answer: EFT tapping

The Case for EFT Tapping and for Addressing Previous Trauma 

EFT tapping is a therapeutic modality that helps the physique’s vitality system to be restored. It entails utilizing the finger tricks to faucet on particular meridian factors on the face and physique for emotional launch and processing of ideas and beliefs. It is probably not a miracle treatment however EFT tapping innately combines many parts: somatic, mindfulness, TCM meridian system, neuroscience and western psychology. As it’s evidence-based, it has been discovered that EFT tapping can assist when the physique retains the rating. 

From being a skeptic, I’m now very passionate in sharing how EFT tapping can profit somebody. It’s a beautiful self-help method that additionally gives alternatives for deep transformation to happen.

The reminiscence of the previous trauma might stay however the emotional and sensory cost will be nullified from making use of transformational EFT tapping.

Finally, mind-body-spirit wellness is healthier attained with doing EFT tapping and likewise including somatic or motion workout routines resembling yoga or dance.  

By releasing your self from the chains of the previous at mind-body-spirt ranges, you might be higher capable of be within the current and to actually transfer ahead.  

Apply for a discovery name with me should you’d like to seek out out extra about how we are able to work collectively in letting go of previous trauma. 

Love and abundance all the time, 
Evelyn Lim

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