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What are Glimmers

Glimmers are the other of triggers. Glimmers are moments that act as cues for self-regulation and for soothing our nervous system. They’re tiny moments the place we really feel relaxed, protected, assured and linked. In distinction triggers trigger us to really feel threatened. Once we are triggered badly, our fight-flight-freeze response can get excessively activated and our nervous system turns into deregulated. 

The idea of glimmers first got here from Polyvagal concept.  The idea was launched by Stephen Porges in 1995 the place we find out about how our autonomic nervous system is continually looking out for cues to find out if they’re harmful. “Glimmers” is coined by Deb Dana, a licensed scientific social employee who specialises in advanced trauma and likewise the writer of The Polyvagal Therory in Remedy, as a means to assist us shift out of survival mode. 

In glimmers, we’re invited to understand the straightforward pleasures that usually go unnoticed in our lives; comparable to, the mild breeze or the peace in our environment. What’s concerned is taking a aware pause as we tune into the second of now. Glimmers aren’t essentially huge experiences of pleasure however delicate tiny moments that assist us conjure a way of calm and serenity. We’re in a position to take pleasure in emotions and sensations that assist our nervous system to function in a state of stability. 

Understanding what glimmers are about is essential. The thought is to recognise small constructive moments repeatedly that finally shapes our nervous system to security and connection. Glimmers gently assist us to rewire the thoughts, with the realisation that simply as there are traumas, there are additionally moments of wellness. As a result of they usually go unnoticed, setting an intention to seek out glimmers may be useful! 

Examples of Glimmers 

Glimmers may be present in on a regular basis life. Examples of glimmer moments are many. You could find them in

  • listening to your favorite music over the radio
  • feeling the sand in your ft whereas taking a stroll on the seashore
  • basking in nature
  • enjoying together with your canine
  • taking within the aroma of freshly baked bread.  

What’s necessary is tuning in, partaking your senses and embodying the expertise – even when it’s a tiny second. 

My Glimmer Second

Since I came upon about what glimmers are, I began to note them. Nonetheless, there was one magical second that stood out for me. It occurred after I was in Bali. 

Despite the fact that it was a heat day, the lapping of small waves within the pool lent a cooling impact. All was quiet amidst the luxurious inexperienced environment. In that second, stress utterly vanished. As a substitute, I tapped into ease, leisure and security, and the sensing that my world is okay.  

A glimmer moment
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I created a brief video on what glimmers are. View the video on youtube shorts right here! 

Discover Your Glimmers

I’d like to ask you to seek out your glimmers as we speak. What are moments that may show you how to regulate your nervous system with a way of calm, security and connection? 

Love and abundance at all times,
Evelyn Lim

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